Big E's Summer Sampler Surprise

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Big E, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. I'm in too!
  2. I'm IN

    Dang...I'll HAVE to do 12-13 more times to "qualify"!!!:)
  3. I am in!
  4. I might as well... so, 'I'm in'
  5. I'm in!!!
  6. Last day...get some.

  7. Remember, only one guy offered to get a Big E temporary tattoo on his chest.
  8. I'm in!!!!
  9. Can I get in again???
  10. I volunteer to give Zen a permanent Big E tattoo on his chest!
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  11. Congratulations to "The Duke"

    PM me your address and I will get you your flies.
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  12. Ooops :confused:
  13. Wooo Hooo! Thanks Big E! PM Sent
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  14. Nice score Harper! You'll have to show me what you won next week.

    Sent from my HTC_Amaze_4G
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  15. Can I still give Zen Leecher his Big E tattoo even though I didn't win?

    Congrats Mr. The Duke!
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