big fish in newuakum

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  1. i was fishing the newaukum last night around 8:00 to my surprise i saw a 23+ fish of some sort come clean out of the water i could not get a clean i.d. of the fish i was wondering if someone could help me out with what works on this river i just moved here and know nothing about hatch times, native fish, so if anyone could help me out i'd appreciate it:??
  2. What area were you fishing? I have only fished the Newaukum a few times, but I work in the area and may know some people who can answer your questions.

    Good Luck, and let me know.

  3. thanx for the reply, i do most of my fishing off of jackson highway bridge up or down stream from there, i'll tell ya what i was using a #14 brown rubber legs last night and caught 14 fish in under a hour, no exageration either. thank for any help you can give , try that rubber legs though, caddis master
  4. jus2fish
    What kind of fish did you catch? Are we talking silvers, or chinooks?
  5. The big fish you describe are Chinook, and boy are they pigs! Unfortunately, the season on salmon doesn't open for another month. By that time, they'll be pretty beat up, and nearly impossible to hook on a fly (at least for me).

    The water down river looks like good trout fishing. The water upstream looks pretty tough, but more promising around a bend or two. I plan on giving it a try soon.

    What are you catching, resident cutthroat?

    Good luck, and maybe I'll see you out there one of these evenings.

  6. thanx again drew i appreciate your replys, yeah those chinook are the biggest fish ive ever seen in a river, as far as the resi cutts go, ive landed a couple smaller fish nothing over 10 inches though, ive also caught quite a few of a fish i dint know what it is either, they have the body of a stocky trout, and a different looking mouth, almost small mouth bass like, and they fight like a mother in law. you dont happen to know what these are either, sorry for all my ignorance but im new to the area and new to the river. any flies you do really well with. look for me drew im a younger guy and i almost always have a bandanna on my head and my name is Boe. thanx again talk to you later.:jj
  7. Those hard-fighting fish are probably whitefish, and they sure do put up a fight. They are pretty rare in my home water--the Deschutes (the Washington one, not the Oregon one), but I've caught a couple. I usually hook them on nymphs. I don't think I've ever caught one on a dry fly.

    As for your question about flies, I have the most luck with plain old elk or deer hair caddis patterns. I've recently started tying some CDC caddis, which work pretty well, too. The only stretches of the Newaukum I've fished are where it runs through Stan Hedwall park (waste of time--slow, no cover--basically no self-respecting fish would be caught dead there) and up by Pigeon Springs. At Pigeon Springs I caught a few eager cutts, but all around six inches.

    I carpool to Chehalis every day during the week. One week I drive and the next week my co-worker drives. My co-worker carpool partner doesn't fish, so the problem is that I almost never have the luxury of hanging around after work for an hour or two to fish. But the next time I get the chance, I plan to hit the Newaukum in the area you described. I'll keep an eye out for you, or if I know I'll be fishing on a particular day, I'll post a message and let you know.

    Happy fishing,

  8. Howdy, D.

    went fishin tonight, had a good night 6-10 inhers all night, i hooked a beauty of trout i watched him lurk around a pool and finally got him to take a nymph, but about three feet from gettin him in, my tipped broke, aaaahhhh, ive never had any luck on the neuwakum with caddis at all ive tried every pattern not one fish yet, thanx again for all the info, i pretty much am on the river every night, after about 5 pm anywhere around the jackson highway bridge. young guy in a bandanna, thats me..., where abouts on the deschutes do you fish, thats the river i fished when i lived in olympia, have you fished the stedman log jam yet, great fishin there.
  9. Wow, pretty nice to be able to fish every night. I'm still trying to figure out when I can get out to the Newaukum. I'll definitely keep an eye out for you.

    I usually fish the Deschutes at Pioneer Park or just upriver from there. Not the best fishing, but it's five minutes from my house, plenty of parking, etc. In the summer on hot days/nights, it's a mad house, with inner tubers going by every ten minutes and dogs swimming here and there. I've caught cutthroat up to 13" there, but most are in the 6 or 7 inch range. I've never fished the Stedman log jam, but I'd love to give it a shot. Where is it and how do I get to it? I'll go there and let you know if it's as good as you remember. Any other access points on the Deschutes that you know of?


  10. whatsup d,

    yeah i never had much luck at pioneer park, like you say small cutts is about it, the stedman spot is as follows, head down to raineer rd, follow it for couple miles till you hit stedman rd, turn there, you'll follow that for a couple miles, youll come across a dirt turn out of pretty good size, there are usually a couple trucks there, head up river for a couple hundred yards or so and youll see it, its a huge, log jam with a beauty of a pool on the other side, i recommend caddis size 14-16, parachute adams, and try out different nymphs there ive reeled in some dandies through there, also try the millatary rd bridge it is a really good spot to really heavy evening hatch but doesnt yeild the biggest fish. any tips for nymphing i just started to use them and dont know the proper tecchniques on using them, a freind of mine used to tie a trailor on a dry fly??

    good luck on those spots, and happy fishing......
  11. Disaster has struck, Caddis master!

    I got a break--my carpool partner took the day off, so I loaded up my gear so as to fish after work. I went out during my lunch break to scout it out, and couldn't help myself. After watching a few nice looking fish cruising around under the bridge, I grabbed my rod and a box of flies, and went down to make a few casts. After a few cast and one three inch fish-on, I decided to reel in and move up river. When I went to pull out some line, the knot connecting my fly line to my leader was stuck between the tip top and one of the guides. I gave it a gentle tug, and the top foot and a half of the rod broke off. I must have dinged it or something before, and it just weakened. In any event, there went my evening of fishing the Newaukum. I am still totally bummed. A perfectly good 6 weight down the tubes.

    I'm planning to hit the Deschutes tomorrow morning. I'm heading up to the Sorenson Road area of the Weyerhaeuser tree farm at Vail. Ever been up there? I haven't, but I'm looking for an adventure and need some new water. I may stop and check out the Stedman log jam you clued me in to. I'll let you know how it goes.


    :TT :XX :XX
  12. wow drew, the same thing happened to me last week. I ended up patching it with fiberglass from an old arrow I found by a fire ring, and about 50 yards of tape from the 1st aid kit. It was a little crooked and heavy as hell, but I didn't drive out there to watch my buddy fish. I ended up catching a little cutt,too. Its still a drag though, and a not so pleasant reason for buying a new rod. Chris
  13. that is some crappy crap, sorry to hear about your rod. and your trip to rhe newaukum, me and my boy had a great day on the river yesterday, hooked in a couple 10+ cutts, and then boom, i hooked up a 15 in white fish, this was one of the best fights ive had on my fly rod yet, took me about 30 mins to get that bugger in, i caught him on a #10 black leach pattern down around a log run off, im really finding some good fishing on the newaukum really big deep pools running after riffles all over the place, me and my boy also got some clean veiws of the chinook in there we saw some that have to be 25 lbs. and damn near 4 ft long....crazy fish, you really should try that log jam on steadman good fish there, you might see my friend jd down there tonight.....

    have a good one happy fishin:jj
  14. big fish in newuakum: Stedman Log Jam?


    I fish the Deschutes a lot since I live in Lacey. Can you share where the Stedman Log Jam is? I thought I knew most of the good spots to put in but I can't think of anything that matches that description.

    I took my first fish on a fly in the Deschutes. Lost my first fish there too. BIG 16 inch cut that took a clouser minnow. I stared like some slack-jawed yokel while he broke my tippet. I was so supprised that I forgot to let go of the fly-line that I had been stripping.

  15. big fish in newuakum: Stedman Log Jam?

    Billylee & Caddis Master:

    Greetings! Hit the Deschutes up in the Bald Hills area, off Sorenson Road this morning. Beautiful county, nice weather--made the 15 minute hike in well worth it. Caught some nice cutts, too. A great change of scenery from Pioneer Park. Can't wait to get another few hours to get up there again.

    Billylee--where do you hit the Deschutes? See Caddis Master's post a few days back for directions to the log jam. I haven't had a chance to get there, yet, but hope to in the next few weeks.

    Caddis Master--I'll bring two rods to the Newaukum next time, in case I break another. How old is your boy? Mine is almost four. He likes to help me tie flies, but isn't too big on fishing yet. He can cast a push-button reel about 20 feet, but doesn't want to put any bait on it. One day he'll be showing me a few things about fly fishing, I'm sure.


  16. big fish in newuakum: Stedman Log Jam?

    howdy yall,

    little confusion on that last post, my boy is refering to my best friend, im only 24 no kids yet, sorry about the confusion there, youll have to let me know a better idea of where that sorenson rd spot is sounds nice, and i dont mind hiking, actually i kinda prefer it. me and jd where planning to hit the deschutes sometime next week, i think, hello billy lee also...nice to hear a fellow dechutes'er yeah give that log jam a try, good all
  17. big fish in newuakum: Stedman Log Jam?

    Hey I'm 25 and my little fishing partner is almost 4. She's not all that handy with casting a fly but she likes playing with the fish when they have been caught (Powerbait). I haven't taken her fly fishing yet, but have been trying to teach her at home how to cast... luckily I have an old fiberglass rod I wouldn't cry over if it broke.
  18. big fish in newuakum: Stedman Log Jam?

    Good on ya for getting her out there. My daughter is almost 3 and I'm picking her up one of those small practice rods with the yarn for line.

    Question though. What's powerbait? :p
  19. big fish in newuakum: Stedman Log Jam?

    Hey everyone,

    Reminder to self. Read whole thread before asking already answered question.:)

    I usually fish pioneer park or the Tumwater valley golf course because their close to home. The golf course has some nice spots that I've taken some healthy fish out of. Mostly right before night. I've fished the Rainier trestle, and the Steadman Log Jam. I come at it from the Waldrick road side so that's how I knew it. I've fished upstream from the Waldrick road bridge quite a bit and found some OK spots too.

    Tried Sorenson once but missed it somehow. I'd sure like to try the Falls some day (if they ever open it). Haven't tried Military road yet. I heard the property owner there is pretty cranky but if you guys haven't had any trouble then I'll have to give it a wack

    I'm really looking forward to the Chinook coming up from the park. Once they get into Pioneer park you can sometimes find a nice sea run with a glo-bug.

    You're right. It's good to hear from some other Deschutes folk!
    Happy hunting.
  20. big fish in newuakum: Stedman Log Jam?

    Powerbait is a sin, the devil made me do it.

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