Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap? CLOSED!!!!

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Surf_Candy, May 12, 2004.

  1. Ol' Bob got me thinking with his mini-fly swap. Why not a big fly swap? 6-12 tyers, saltwater patterns including baitfish (herring, anchovy, eel, sand lance, mullet, bunker, sardines etc), squid, crab and surface poppers/attractors. Size 1/0 stainless steel hooks and larger only.

    I am thinking of these more in line as travel flies when pursuing salmon, striper, bluefish, tuna, dorado, jacks etc while on vacation to other parts of the country or world.

    One would submit a fly used successfully for a particular species and/or location.

    End of June date.

    Any takers?

    I'm in with my Cabo Surf Candy (tuna and dorado)

  2. Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

    I'm in, so what have you been up to lately surf candy?
    catch and release wild sculpins
  3. Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

    Hey Ben,
    just the usuual - work, house, kids....not much fishing at this point. How are you?
  4. Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

    what the hell, im in every other swap known to man.. now to come up with some 1/0 hooks.. i think the biggest saltwater ive got around is a 4 so ill need to buy some. ill tie a bucktail baitfish

  5. Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

    cool Tom - great excuse to get more stuff.

  6. Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

    I'd love to take part as long as I don't need to use a Stainless hook.
    Wouldn't a tube or High Carbon Tin plated hook be an option? If so count me in.
  7. Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

    hey candyman, can we have a low limit on this swap? i dont use a 5-minute epoxy, so when i tie these flys each one takes me about 1 1/2 hours actual working time. they look awsome though, and are my favorite flys for shallow water salmon, and when tied smaller, work very well for SRC and dollies. i also got a nice dogfish on one.

    thanks for the consideration

  8. Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

    I'm in. Some type of Lefty's Deceiver type pattern.

  9. Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

    Anil - yes - please join. I got one of your tube flies in the SRC swamp and they are wonderful. Your hook choice - I'll just make sure I wash it off.

    Tom - great idea. So far it would be everyone ties 4 flies. I'm trying to get one more - so let's wait one more day. It will be worth the wait if I can get him to join.

  10. Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

    I'll join in.

    I'll be fishing the salt up in Kodiak this summer, and some nice big saltwater patterns will always be nice. Let me "do some research" tonight to find a good pattern and I will post it up tomorrow when I make a decision.

    Edit: I am leaving for AK on June 28th, so I hope that we can get them done before that.....:dunno
  11. Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

    Great Andy - let me know. Tom's idea about keeping it small makes sense since the flies are generally more time consuming. We'll close it tomorrow.

    I would expect with this bunch of tyers that we will be timely. Worst case is I send them to AK.

  12. Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

    I'll join in.

  13. Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

    Cool - thanks Rob
  14. Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

    hey candyman ( i like callin you that;-) ) we are up to 6 tiers, was there one more you wanted to join? i think its time to get ready to close?
  15. Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

    Im in with a Striped Bass Flat-Wing pattern, if you want that.
  16. Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

    SWAP IS CLOSED! Let's get some lipstick on this pig get it rolling.

    Due Date June 11th.

    Tyer List:
    Surf Candy
    Andy (due to travel might have to bow out...)
    Bob Triggs

    All tie 7 flies - (if Andy can do it - if not 6 flies)

    Mail to:

    Jim Williamson
    c/o Mahlum Architects
    71 Columbia
    Suite 400
    Seattle, WA 98104

    Send $2 for postage, or include your own addressed and stamped envelope. Please include some form of protective box that I can put the flies into for the return trip.


  17. Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

    ill tie 8, if andy drops you get to keep 3! i will make the extra one a little different
  18. Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

    Nice! I'm excited about this swap....10/0 Marlin Flies?
  19. Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

    "10/0 Marlin Flies?"

    Sure, no problem.

    Hook: Mustad 10/0 Shark Grapple
    Thread: Not necessary
    Body: Basketball
    Dubbing: Clown Wig ( Colors: Chartreuse, Cherise or some other waitress's name )

    Impale the basketball with the hook.
    Use superglue, or Aquaseal with Cotol, to affix the Clown Wig to the Basketball.

    Present with a big splash, directly behind the transom, using a 20 weight flyrod and a long length of # 100 twisted wire cable.
  20. Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

    doing good I guess, just bought a bass boat, and waiting for the silvers to return I guess, will be tying something, got to think of something first.

    catch and release wild sculpins

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