Big foam fly swap!!!

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Sloan Craven, May 10, 2006.

  1. Allright, we got 10. We should close this out I think.

    Looking to put together a swap kind of like Mikes for the summer, but with a twist. Basically, bigger foam flies for the bigger trout. I'm also looking to experiment a little with foam and see what other guys and gals come up with. Stoneflies, Hoppers, Beetles, Chernobyl Ant, Salmon flies, new inventions.
    We're shooting for the end of June. 1 pattern each. The only rule is that they need to have some foam in them. Don't need to be an expert for foam....

    I might include a special prize for the the best or most outrageous or most-likely-to-put-a-trout-into-a-state-of-shock to be voted on by all participants.

    Here's the unsavory characters involved:

    Absolute Hog
    James Mello
    Don Stracener
    Nick M
    Southpaw 22
    mike doughty
  2. I'm interested, but would need til the end of June or early July.
  3. I'm in.
  4. I'd be up for this but would also like no earlier than late June.

  5. End of June is good. I'll figure out an address as the date gets closer and I figure out where I'll be at that time. ( I travel a lot for research in the summer).
  6. Do me up badman.... I will do the pink lady finger....
  7. I could bring in a whole lot of low brow references right now. But I'm not going to.
  8. Hey I'll join IN... End of June is good for me.
  9. If there's room for a beginner, I'd like to join. I have yet to do a swap so I'm guessing you mean send in flies by end of June?
  10. i would like join if thats okay. have great patterns for yak and montana rivers.
  11. Allright we got eight. Nice...
    Do people want to do one or two patterns a piece?
  12. im down if theres any room left
  13. Allright, one more. THen I think we need to close it out.
  14. how big are we talking about
    As big as you want.....:thumb:
    By big I mean foam flies aren't going to be size 16 or 18, I would imagine.... but someone now is going to come up with the exception to the rule just to prove me wrong.
    But do what ever blows your hair back.
  16. Dude, I plan on doing mine with a size 4/0 3XL Long steelhead hook ;)
  17. If Mike is in we got 10. If he's not I'm going to harass him till changes his mind. I'm beginning to think summer is almost here, the weather is nice, people will be getting busy, fishing, BBQs, fishing, family reunions, fishing, yardwork; maybe we should stick to one pattern a piece? What do people think?
  18. Since we have 10 I think 1 pattern is good for me! iagree
  19. one pattern is good for me too
  20. i agree, yes i'll play and the reason i asked about the size is that i wanted to make sure that a size 8 wasn't to small.

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