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    I went up yesterday to check the lake out for some friends that want to come up and fish it soon. What I found was that the lake is full of fish but for the most part pretty small. I had to catch 8 or 10 fish in the nine to eleven inch range for every 12''-14'' fish. Some are really high jumpers with several getting at least three feet of air before tossing the hook. I started out with my obligatory Halfback and caught 5 fish on it in short order then put it away and tried other stuff the rest of the day. Almost everything worked.

    The lake has been very weedy the past few years and this year looks to be a bumper crop indeed. Almost any kind of a sinking line is a challenge right now and it will only get worse. I'll go back up when it warms a little and use a dry line when the callibaetis and damsels get in full swing. I expect the lake to fish well in late October again this year, the weeds will be down, the fish hungry and the larch that surround the lake will be in all their golden glory.

    I normally launch at the east end and immediately kick into the shallow lagoon behind the islands. This year there is a problem with that. A pair of nesting loons has set up shop on the island and they harass the crap out of you when you kick through the slot. They would pop up a rod's length from the boat and glare at me with those beady eyes then splash around and make a hell of a commotion. The usual lanes I fish back there in 6' of water were just devoid of fish this year and the angry loons didn't contribute any confidence to the prospects either. I did my business elsewhere.

    Finally, what a difference a week makes! Last Tuesday Roper and I were on Aeneas hooking and landing dozens of 16-18'' fish in 90 degree weather. This Tuesday I was up over 3,000' hooking and landing dozens of fish with snowflakes in the air! Highlight of the day was seeing a huge bear loping through a meadow on the way home.

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    From short sleeves to snow flakes, gotta love it. Nice on the fish & bear. A couple of years back, Roper spotted a bear working a high side on one ot the Oroville area lakes. Always nice to see.

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    It sounds as if your lack of projects this year is paying off in fishing time, good for you...!
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    Geeeze - I want your life :)

    Are those camp sites on the north west side of the lake??