Big Steelhead Redux - Done Right This Time

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Jason Decker, Apr 8, 2009.

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    Posted by Will Atlas "Interesting anecdote....During the 90's there was a small westside river that was closed to fishing for summer steelhead. The closure came about because of a small NGO that was monitoring the population extremely closely concluded that the population had declined to below 50 fish. It was heartbreaking for the leadership of the NGO to lobby the state to close the river as it was their favorite summer steelhead stream and they had been fishing it for decades. That being said it was even more heartbreaking to snorkel a reach of stream where there was once dozens of fish and find only one or two. At the time there was a small bit of controversy within the organization. One of their biologists who fished the stream said "how can it be so bad, I've been catching fish all summer!!" When asked how many fish he'd caught they figured out that he'd probably caught almost every fish in the river and probably caught a number of them more than once...."

    Hey Will, PM me. I think we may know each other. That story sounds like my experience back then.
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    Got it, Thank you Freestone.
    Give my best to your SO.

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    Has anyone ever actually been cited for violating Sparkey's law?

    When I see pics posted on the webz with just the tail or belly of the fish barely in the water I always think that there are a dozen more pics of that same fish completely out of the water that didn't get posted.
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    Beauties, got some great big wild steelhead out there.

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    I have never heard of anyone getting popped for it, i think it's just a way for the state to say they are working on conservation, but in reality are just avoiding making real decisions.
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    Being a fishing guide we have had many discussions about it, (photo Reg) one of them is that it gives the enforcement officers the ability to site for badly handled fish ie; brought into boat dropped on floor held by all and thrown in, that I can see as a good law, but how many of those guys post those pics? The guides on the OP have very good fishing ethics as far as I have seen the last five years, before there was some issue but many of those have been weeded out for whatever reason. When fishing on a daily basis and comunicating with each other we do not see dead fish but once a year or so and that may have been from who knows what, they are usually in the grips of a pile of eagles.
    I see know reason to have a law as it is " quote AS IS " I never have and never would take a picture of a steelhead before it has had a chance to revive, the last thing they need is to fight hard then hold there breath, like running a hundred yard dash then shoving your head in sack, not gonna feel to good.
    Again we have to trust the tribes co-management but somehow someone got a bullshit law like this passed, a law that does not trust us, the catch and release fishing guides and fishermen, "the very people that care the most for the steelhead survival" to handle our fish with care.

    wild fish forever!
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    Just curious, Will. When it all comes together and you are having "one of those days" where you cannot do wrong, at what number of fish do you suggest ceasing to angle?
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    Gee can I get a trip with you guys,
  9. Buck "Ride'n Dirty."

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    He might as well have pulled the fish out of the water.
  10. Brazda Fly Fishing guide "The Bogy House" Lodge

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    Buck, you are absolutely correct. They don't breathe through there fins.
    The next time you land a stelhead in a net observe that fish well, watch the gill plate even in a catch and release net if the fish is in fast water, held tight in the net for whatever reason they are unable to expand the gill plate which may mean less oxygen transfer into the blood stream. A good technique is to expand the net with your hand allowing full freedom of movement, barbless hooks remove very fast, often the first little thrash in the net. A good reason to fish with a buddy to help in all this. Landing a fish without a net has its complications as well, one is they allways fight longer and are more exhausted requireing more handling time in shallow water, a good glove is a requirement here. Those that are landed in shallow water and allowed to lay on there side have the same issue with gill plate movement. Most of the time the guy getting the pic should be helping with the pre release activity and only when the fish is ready to go shoot a pic. A pic takes less than three seconds when done right. Just as in most handling of wild creatures the eyes will tell you the stress level, never, never, never take a shot of a stressed fish, never move them back a forth the gills work best one direction and allways let them leave you.
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    Jeff to Jeff, nice fish.
    Almost all the Jeffs I know are fly fisherman.
    In fact the only one that doesn't fly fish, spells it with a G. That's just not right.
    It's good to be a Jeff.

    Jeff, And damm proud of it.
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    ahh, those G-eoffs, second rate jeffs, english think there so cool:)
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    Wondering how much a name change costs...
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    Ed, Depends, If you want to change it to Jeff you will have to qualify. It won't be easy or cheap.;)
    The Jeff
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    that's so right"it's good to be a jeff"............jeff brown a.k.a. mr. bad example
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    thanks for hijacking the thread bandy
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    Come on Jason. I was just responding to what Bhudda said, note the quote. Besides I saw were it was going and started my own thread. What more can I do.bawling:

    Really was a pig of a fish though.:thumb: Made the one I got look like a Jack.
    The Jeff
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    Counting the pennies in the piggy bank now. If I have enough I can post in the Jeff's only post. I met Mr. Bad Example once...I knew he was a Jeff. Does that mean that dude can fish too?
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    Bringing the thread back. I believe that it is fish like that that keep us all putting ourselves through torture, if only to have a small glimmer of hope that one day, that fish will be securely fastened to the end of our flyline. Amazing fish!
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    Those are both GREAT pics of some beautiful western steel, both anglers are very fortunate, great job!!! :thumb::thumb: