Big surprise when SRC fishing yesterday

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Roger Stephens, May 6, 2004.

  1. I spent much of yesterday chasing after SRC in the Sound. The fishing was good using a shrimp pattern. Just before heading in, my last shrimp fly got hung up on the bottom and I lost it. So I tied on a trusty clouser minnow and decided to try one last spot. Hooked one SRC and it can off. It was now time to head home so I was reeling in and hooked a heavy fish what a surprise. The fish turned out to be a 27" approximately 8 lb. blackmouth salmon. I was using a 6 wt rod for the SRC so it took me a while to land it. Hooking it didn't take any skill or knowledge since I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. The fishing conditions were against hooking a chinook salmon as it was sunny, mid-day, shallow water(8-10 ft.) Sooner or later we all get lucky and hook into a large fish that we really don't deserve but I'll take them what that happens.

    My fishing buddy and I target chinook salmon in late summer during low light conditions at daybreak when they are near the surface or in shallow water(18 ft. or less). Once in a while we will get one but it is slow tough fishing.
  2. Nice fish! Great thing about the Sound- so many possibilities. Some day I'm getting myself a boat and explore the endless opportunities. Thanks for the story.
  3. What part of the sound were you fishing?If northern Puget Sound I can tell you where you can catch chinook off the beach any evening in July and August if the tides are right.Your minnow should work ok on them.If interested PM me.
  4. I have had the same surprise and I rarely fish the sound. Ain't life grand?


    " When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee" Isaiah 43:2
  5. Nice fish. Surprises like that are always welcome.

  6. I've also been caught off guard by Chinooks feeding in 30 ft of water at 4:30 in the afternoon, bright sunny day. It made no sense to me until I analyzed what was happening. Trolled way in shore from where the other 20 or so guys were fishing for silvers. Trolled past a kelp bed & a 13 lb. Chinook was on. A few guys saw the commotion & came a bit closer but thought it was a fluke. Trolled past the kelp bed and again, bam, 18 lb's of fiesty Chinook. The tide was moving against the fishes river bound journey & they dropped into a back eddy bay and hid under the kelp bed. Lots of little fishies in there so they were getting fed & had no problem attacking food. The rule of deep is not a constant. I could have placed flys in this spot from shore & may go back to try my hand later this summer. Others do fish this general area from shore but no-one I've seen has targeted this "honey hole" because it defies our logic to do this. I suspect when the tide changes, these fish move on pretty quickly.
  7. That is a nice surprise by all accounts. I too have hooked into these kelp runners in the central and south sound. You might want to keep that spot in mind as it may prove to be an effective place to target some sttelhead when they begin their migration through that area.


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