Big Twin / Blue Lake report

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Tony the Trout, Oct 24, 2007.

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    I fished Big Twin 10/13-10/14. Fishing was great for little guys, tough for the larger ones. Most everything was in the 10"-12" range. Fun on a 7' 4wt. Only landed 3 larger than 16".

    Went to Blue Lake (Sinlahekin) from 10/15-10/18. Thats when the real fun began! I fished the "pond" for 3 days solid and was the only one there! My first cast I caught a chunky 15" Brown who went airborn on me several times. Proceeded to have hot fishing all three days. I used the same two flies the whole time. A #10 olive "hale bopp" (my version) on a sink tip and a #8 brown articulated leech on a type III. Fish size avereaged about 15". Largest Brown 18", largest Cutt 20", largest Bow 22" (caught on my last cast of the trip!).

    Wed. night the stars came out. The crescent moon reflecting off the glass surface of the lake. I sat by my campfire listening to coyotes howling, owls hooting, and fish savagely slapping the surface of the lake.

    Spectacular scenery, phenominal fishing, my own private lake. It was perfection! :D
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    Big Twin/Blue Lake report

    Great report Brother !!!
  3. Dick Warnke was Pram-Man

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    Big Twin/Blue Lake report

    I love that area!!! Good report...glad you had a nice trip. :thumb:
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    Big Twin/Blue Lake report

    I love these lakes, thanks for the great report.