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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Rick Todd, Dec 29, 2012.

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    We are over at our cabin on Big Twin, playing in the snow and skiing Loup Loup (excellent snow conditions!) Thought you guys might be interested in the aerator functioning on Big Twin.
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  2. Nice shot, Rick! Trade ya - the view out my "cabin" is of soggy grass and deferred yardwork :eek:
  3. Rick, what's the approximate elevation at your place?
  4. Rick-Big Twin is 1800'
  5. Tim-With 100 days of fishing you get in each year-obviously yard work needs to take a low priority! Nice thing about snow is it hides the yard work! 078.JPG 077.JPG
    BTW Tim-I'm really learning a lot from your book-thanks! Rick
  6. Rick, it looks like you have almost as much snow there as we do here at 2300'. So far for the month I have measured about 41'' on site. Two more inches today and it is still snowing. But hey-it's only 61 days to the opener!

  7. cool photos. Afternfishing Big Twin for the first time this year I am already looking forward to coming back for more!
  8. When you are here Jeff-be sure to stop by for a beer and some fish talk!
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  9. Very nice, Rick. Clear a pad off for my "coffin", probably warmer than the last time I was there.... Jeff, I'll buy you the beer.

    Look forward to seeing you in the spring or b-4?

    Happy New year to both of you.
  10. Looks nice Rick, but the big question is, did you fish???
  11. Rick: Beautiful! Looks like where our son and I were today up at Coldwater Lake. We got up to 3800 feet, but the lake is at 2400 feet if I remember right. We are still looking forward to you and your wife (couzin) stopping by for a visit on your way to Ed and Rita"s.
    Tight Lines
  12. I look forward to it! Thank you Rick.

    Big twin would be a great spot for a WFF.COM outing
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  13. Steve-I was tempted as I'm sure every fish in the lake is hanging out around those aerators! Leader Lake is open all winter and you can ice fish Paterson. Going by the Methow, I really wish it was open as it looks beautiful and I'm sure full of steelhead! Rick
  14. Looks nice Rick.
  15. The first time I fished that lake was about 2 years before the North Cascade Highway opened. You could get a room at the Motel in Winthrop for $8.00 a night, and rent a boat on Big Twin for $3.00 a day. Back then people bait fished it, but the guy that introduced me to it was an avid fly fisherman and made me one. Cary Specials were the fly of choice. We also used to pack rubber rafts into Moccison for big bows and tons of brookies. Ah yes, "the good old days". It's still a beautiful spot Rick.
  16. Moccison was a great fishery. I remember meeting and fishing with the rancher that owned it one evening, catching fish after fish on skated caddis from the bank and giving him some flies. He told a great story about some lady that was in the outhouse, when a cow came over to investigate.....she stayed inside until he came and rescued her. I also remembering driving up the North Cascades Highway (gravel) from Winthrop with my dad and mom before it was open all the way across. Great part of the state and where I first caught trout on flies, (rainbows at Black Pine Lake) on my dad's bamboo pole with an automatic reel. I'm going to have to get back up there soon just to see what it looks like now!
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  17. Now that seems like a heck of a good idea, Jeff. I've always wanted to fish that area. Would be a great excuse to make the trip over.

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  18. Nice campground right on the lake too
  19. If a WFF gathering happens, I have room for about 5 trailers with hookups, more room for tents etc as well. Rick
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  20. I bow hunt in that area and had often looked atbthe lake and wondered about fishing it. This year bringing the float tube, fins and a rod when ai head to this area.



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