Biggest fear while out fishing?

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  1. 1) Rattle snakes are number 1 was fishing on the Ronde last October and had seen several. two of us were fishing a nice run and I looked up river above my buddy and hollered at him as i could see something drifting down the river right at him. He turned around to look and he saw and i saw at the same time it was a rattlesnake just about to drift into him. Scared the bajeebas out of him. Also, have had my lab hit by one. Not good

    2) Mother nature. was standing in one of my favorite steelhead streams next to a big cut bank. Wind was blowing and I kept hearing a noise like wood creaking. Looked at the bank and there was a big rock in the wall that looked like it was being held by some roots from a big tree up above. heard the creaking noise several times and i thought to myself, "a smart man would move because if that rock fell it would crush your sorry ass and if that didn't kill you, you'd certainly drown". I heard the creak again and moved two steps downstream. The wind blew hard, heard the creak again and that big ass rock fell into the stream exactly where I had been standing. I thought I was drowning from all the water that blew on me and then had to check vitals as I though I was having a heart attack from moving away so fast. Now, I ALWAYS listen to that little voice that says to move or do whatever as it saved my ass.

    3) Kooks--was on a beautiful stream and had a guy show up in camp. he got naked and went for a swim right in front of our trailer. Long hair, fat and driving a van with oregon plates. Surprisingly, we got in a confrontation and a long story short he threatened me--I drew a line in the sand (don't know if it was 21' or not) but I had my weapon out of it's holster. He left after threatening that he'd be back that night to "burn our sorry asses to the ground". I followed him to make sure he left the area and when I got back the wife had everything picked up, packed up and ready to leave. I wasn't ready to leave but couldn't think of anything to allay her fears over some kook that just told us he was coming back to burn our sorry asses to the ground. Still haven't thought of anything to say to her in that situation and that was 2 years ago.

    4) Lowholers
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    T.P. = Tree Parts (leaves, preferably)
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    Fell into the Hoh years ago in mid winter and amost died. Ended up getting pulled out by two gear fisheman who chased me for a long ways and pulled me out of a log jam as I was losing my hold and slipping under. Even with all my training and being in great shape back then, the cold, the river and the length of exposure destroyed me. Never was as aggessive, risk taking or confident in the wading department again. Not even close. Very humbling experience and showed me real fear for the first time in flyfishing.:eek: Duff

    2nd would be Mumbles walking around naked. He has taken away some of our "innocence" with his RACY avatar.
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    I knew this thread was going to be great as soon as I saw the title -- thanks for the laughs, gents!

    My biggest fear is that I will get old enough that I can no longer survive the overly aggressive approach I take in wading/climbing/swimming the rivers I love to fish... before I get wise enough to realize that I've gotten too old for it.

    To try to answer the (I think) spirit of the original post... my only "realistic" fear on the rivers is drowning -- mostly due to the hyperaggressive wading habit mentioned above: a tact best described as the "Let's see if I can make it across here" technique.

    I don't sweat the animals. I figure I may well take a hit from a rattlesnake one day, but it is incredibly unlikely that it'll kill me. I grew up around a very dense moose population in Maine, and have been close to them way too many times to fear them -- I think they're getting a bit of a bad rap here. Sure, they have immense power and can be belligerent, but they remain deliberate, slow to get moving, unmaneuverable, and let's face it -- dumb. And they can't climb. With moose, I have observed a very consistent "25-foot rule". Getting within 25 feet will almost always provoke a reaction from them. Usually they run away, but sometimes they huff and puff and advance. Escape via uneven ground, through trees, or up trees is advisable in the latter situation. =)

    I have to admit a heightened alertness when I know I'm in grizzly territory, but I'd stop short of calling it fear.

    Hmmm... I feel like I should say something bad about Mumbles here...
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    Ever since a friend got chased out of a river by an angry beaver one night, I've been wary of them at dusk or dawn.
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    About 20 years ago I took a rafting trip on the upper Skagit. The purpose of the trip was to teach the participants white water rafting and cold water survival techniques. It was an eye opening experience which forever changed my approach to fishing and water sports in general. One of the exercises was each participant was suddenly immersed in the river over their heads. The river temp was, and I'm guessing now, around 40 degrees. This was a very controlled exercise which was designed to show the participants what happens to the human body when it is suddenly immersed in cold water and what to do. Even with the explanations of what was going to happen, how to deal with it and the fact you were surrounded by trained professionals in a controlled exercise some panicked and I have to admit I was close to panic when I did it. Panic will kill you.

    Coach, what you experienced would most likely have killed the normal fisherman. If you wade or boat in the cold waters of the Northwest learn what happens if you are suddenly immersed and how to handle it. Falling into a couple of feet of very cold water is enough to kill you quickly.

    Ok, now back to the humor, glad to see you got dressed Mumbles. Plz, in the future bet six packs, cigars or bottles of 10 year old scotch.
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    walking through the woods alone and hearing banjo music, than the unspeakable happens. "Boy you got some purdy lips".
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    Man, I wasn't really thinking of being afraid when I am out fishing until I finished reading this thread.. Maybe the rattlesnakes now.. What do you guys do when you see one?

    Here is the only "scary" thing that has happened to me so far. I think I was in a creek up north here and I look down the creek and I see something big and brown running down in real shallow. At first I thought it was a big brown dog, like a retriever but as it got closer (rather quick and I was almost waist deep in water) I saw it was a deer, it ran about 2 feet behind me and kept going, scared the crap out of me. I kinda froze but I don't think I could have gotten anywhere too fast anyhow.
  9. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    my other fear is being on the yakima when for some reason a speeding freight train derails. Being right next to the tracks when those things go by really gets your attention.
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    Sasquatch, if one eats you, they will never find your body.

    Bears make me nervous but I've learned to live with them
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    I'm calling bullshit on this one as I think you are just trying to keep me off "your" water.

    And I forgot a couple,

    7. LIGHTENING (I was up on the North Fork Nehelam last winter and as we went over the cost range it was snowreally hard and LIGHTENING, I have never seen that before. It settled down after a while but a couple hours later another cell fired up and I was in the river with 100' evergreens lining both banks as far as I could see. Really had me thinking about important people in my life.)

    8. MY KID FALLING IN (he fell 25' into the Wilson of the cliff at Kansas Creek bridge, probably the most fear I have ever known in my life.)
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    Angie the Fishing Goddess
    Getting pulled over by D. Rutt
    Coach inside the 21 foot rule
    Getting "low holed" with my own gun, inside said 21 feet
    Watching the plane leave with the unpacked whiskey
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    I'm afraid I might run into fishermen who are afraid of things that might happen on the river. I could die while I'm out fishing. Better that than keeling over from a heart attack while sitting at my desk in my office.

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    Heck no--anytime I fish it, it's me and 20 of my best buddies; hardly my water. Besides, a quick google search will give you all the confirmation you need; the stories been circulating since at least 2001 and it's on a boatload of websites.
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    I was on the Wind in Skamania Co. one day fishing from the low high bank for springers. The day before I got there, as I'm told, there was a group of guys that were fishing from the high high bank above a waterfall channel that funnels the fish and he fell. Apparently he landed head first falling some 20+ feet and was a pretty big fella. Dead on impact I'm told and then his buddies and responders had to hike him out of the very steep canyon (Seven Mile is what I think the locals call it). That type of stuff scares me in some locations.
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    Here's the report from

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    Wouldn't be the worst way in the world! I did have a close call in a watermaster on the Yakima a couple of years ago, so my worst fear would be making another bad decision while floating and getting myself into trouble!

    I ended up hanging onto the boat, I fell through the hole in the boat after missing the E. Cle Elum takeout and was pushed into the bank. Luckily, I found some strong handholds and footholds and was able to hang on until my friends got the anchor rope from the drift boat. Cause that water was cold and fast and I had the boat around my waist!

    Note to self, always wear a wading belt! It helped a lot, since the water was up to my chest and don't do that again! 2 seconds of a bad decision, not to just pull out and miss the takeout once I had missed it and that was it.

    Lesson learned the hard way, and other than being a bit wet and cold, it was all good.
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    Forgot that one, it scares me shitless the one night a year that happens
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    I have an Uncle who has been going out into the mountains to "hunt" Bigfoot. He has been doing it for about 30 years now, rifle and everything. Bigfoot could be like that one breed of Rhino they got in Africa, no one has really ever seen them until recently and that was with cameras.:hmmm: