Biggest fear while out fishing?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Andrew Kirkland, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. Rich Schager You should have been here yesterday...

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    I had taken our young family camping for their first time ever, along the N/F of the Sauk. Peace and quiet, away from the big city... When those 2 jets came through above our heads at tree top, they were going so fast that there was absolutely no warning that they were coming. Kids and wife screaming and jumping and crying... every hair on my body stood on end. A field mouse almost landed on me as it jumped a good 4 feet out of the bushes. They apparently rat-tail each other through the narrow canyons, as they did it again the next day... Never camped there again...

  2. jcalderon Member

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    Whats all this bigfoot jargon? We all know Bigfoot is a hoax. I did see EL CHUPA CABRA on the SF sky one night.

    My second fear, besides the previously mentioned "grow operation" is seeing Mike Wilson in neoprene waders.

    Can anybody say Camel Tail?
  3. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    How about failed turn around service, no cell reception and having to lug all my shit back to my truck...which I find to get tweaker whacked when I arrive. That would suck.
  4. Hoopa cantreMember

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    RATTLERS!!! I don't fish if there's rattlers. Pretty much confines me to west of the Cascades in the summer time. That's not a big problem I reckon.
  5. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Rattler's. I've lived in Montana for three years now and I have yet to see one. Everytime I hear of them they are gone by the time I show up. I know enough to stay back but I would just like to see one in the wild.. I have seen only one snake in all that time, but it was gardensnake.

  6. hikepat Patrick

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    Falling trees when fishing in high winds
    Cougars when fishing the rain forest areas
    Having to walk out wet due to taking a fall at the last year Hoh get together
    Close by forest fires while out on lake fishing and the buckets taking water to close for my liking to my kayak. Moved to the far end of the lake after that at high speed and watched to air much afterwards.
    Getting between mama and her cubs while waist deep in river
    Seeing bottom under the boat in thick fog then seeing beach coming up fast and then thinking there was no way I crossed that part of the Puget Sound that fast. Boat had made u turn and I did not know it at the time.
    Sitting here at work instead of fishing
  7. Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

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    Running into Dick Cheney with his shotgun.

  8. Trout Master Active Member

    if wading in south america. the candirĂº fish . google it More scary than a naked Mumbles
  9. Jim Ficklin Genuine Montana Fossil

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    Go up on the Hogback, north of Dillon & you MIGHT find one (used to hunt them there, years ago but never found one over 20"). Maiden Rock Canyon on the Lower Big Hole has a few, and I NEVER fished the Bear Trap Canyon of the Madison in the warm months . . . that place can be lousy with the shake-tails & the brush is head-high (and they like it!).
  10. Hoopa cantreMember

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    As a teenager, setting chokers in the woods, I ran the nubbin under a log and cinched it to the bell. Highlead tightened up, lifting the log and from 30' away there lay coiled was a rattler. The cold nubbin didn't set him off, but my hot hand sure would have if I had to dig a bit. Hair stood up on my neck the rest of the week. Holy shit, it's doing it now!
  11. SpeySpaz still an authority on nothing

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    mostly I fear being inconvenienced.
  12. Bakerloo New Member

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    Rattlesnakes. I've seen lots of them, but it's the ones you don't see but hear that scare the crap out of you.
  13. Kevin J. Burnham Active Member

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    Barack Obama,Nancy Pelosi,Barney Frank & Octo-Mom in a drift boat !!! :eek::eek:
  14. Kirk Singleton Capt Kirk

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    I can tell you first hand about a mean one that lives on the Ruby!
  15. Mike Wilson Yakbowbw

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    I choked on my toast. Had to drop my stomach down hard on a stool to get out the chunk of bread I inhaled and lodged in my throat because I was laughing so hard. :rofl::rofl::rofl: That is some funny prose. Jesse, you took me by suprise, you cheap shotting little son of a banty rooster. I did not think my neoprene waders made my butt look fat. Better get off of me arse and start peddling my bike more. Be afraid of the dark JC, be very afraid, a BIF is comming to get you. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  16. fishbadger Member

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    C'mon. . .there's nothing to fear about Badgers. . .unless you're a Seminole!

  17. SunkenMonkey New Member

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    Going Home,

    For some reason the ol' lady is always grumpy when I go out fishing...

    or crabbing....

    or hunting....

    or hiking...
  18. Jim Fitz Member

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    Falling down and breaking something and not being able to walk out. To a lesser extent, falling and drowning. I finally developed the habit of leaving note as to where to take the body bag to start the search.

    Grizzlies if in their territory.

    My car getting broken into.
  19. Keith Hixson Active Member

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    It turned dark on me once while fishing a very large wilderness lake, now that was scary with no light or lights on the water for guidance.

  20. Ben Waldschmidt Member

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    It's hard to ignore the fact that if Bigfoot were real, the Kalama is about as Bigfooty of an area as I've ever been in. Not sure where Beginner's Hole is exactly, but would not want to be there at dark. I don't pack heat, but my Gerber LMF II is always at my side.