Bill Ballan Reels. LONG wait or lost moneys

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  1. Hi Guys,
    Just curious if anyone has had the same experience I have had with Bill. When Bill had his "sale" on his reels early 2012 I ordered 3 of them online and paid for them in April of 2012. Since then I've spoken to Bill at least 6 times asking for my reels and he keeps saying they are being built. I did get one trout reel late last year so I'm waiting for the salmon and steelhead reels now.
    I checked yesterday again but now noticed his website is no longer on the net.
    Has anyone else experience this with Bill? A year and a half wait is a long time and I think the longer the wait the more likely the money I paid is gone.
  2. No. Mine took about 2 months. Did he give a time table?
  3. He keeps saying he is working on them and that he has had health problems and he can only do things at a certain pace. Early this year he said the steelhead reels were just about done and he will be shipping in a week or so. It's now many months later and no reels still. Now that his website is gone, I fear he might have closed shop.
  4. Can't hurt to ask for your money back if you don't feel he is gonna come through. It's been a mighty long time. Asking for your money back might get the reels in your hands.
  5. I emailed him a few months ago asking for my money back and had not response. I called and left a message yesterday for him to call me back and requested a refund. I probably should not have said that because he probably won't call back.
  6. Why did you order Ballans?

    I think after this long I'd ask for my money back. Something's goofy, as that's waaaay too long.

  7. With the sale price of 50% off I thought it was a great deal for a handmade reel. One of them was going to be a gift.

    I will call him again and leave another message for a refund but I think I'm coming to terms that the moneys are gone.

  8. Any luck?
  9. No answer on the phone still and no return phone call after I asked
    Nicely for a call back.
  10. He's most likely on his way to china to pick up his next batch of reels
  11. Better Business Bureau?
    Florida sheriff?

    I'd consider that theft.

  12. China? I thought his reels were made in the USA by him.

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