FS Bill Ballan Trout Heirloom

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  1. For Sale - Bill Ballan Trout Heirloom for 3/4/5wt lines (LHW). Barely used. $215.00 shipped
    Trades considered:
    ZXL 4wt
    XP 7wt 10ft
    Sage Euro 7141 or 8124-3
    Hardy St. Andrew
    Sage 509

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  2. reduced - $200
  3. still available
  4. How about $185 shipped
  5. Great sounding reels!!!!
  6. Is this the narrow or wide?
  7. Can't find receipt, but I believe the narrow. Measures 5/8" which is in between the .5" narrow and .750" wide. There's only a 1/4" difference between the two.
  8. More photos

  9. PM sent

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