Bill McGuire still kicking? Contact info?

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by John LaBonte, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. I found a 8.5' 8 wt 4 piece rod in a thrift store in Southern California for $100 w/ Bill McGuire's name on it indicating he's the person who built it. I assumed that this is the world famous Bill McGuire so I bought it without hesitation. I am wondering if he is still alive and if anyone has contact info for him. Looks like he'd be ~95 yrs young if he's still with us. I'd like to verify that it was a rod he built and try to figure out when he may have built it. It's beautiful craftsmanship, not bamboo, looks like graphite. Great action, paired it w/ a Sage 2280. If anyone has any info on him, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!!


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  2. Last I knew, he was still living in Rock Island, WA. The local museum, the Wenatchee Valley Museum, had a whole exhibit about Bill a couple years ago.

    Great score, by the way!

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