biodegradable Toilet Paper/ mountain house dry food

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  1. So I mixed 2 Qeustions in one forum for convenience.
    The only thing I leave in the wilderness is toilet paper. Coleman makes biodegradable Toilet Paper was woundering if any of you have heard how well it degrades?

    If it is one thing that recuperates the body when backpacking, it is good food. A water filter in my opinion is your greatest friend when hiking steep terrain, with a couple exceptions. I have a couple Mountain House dry food packs and did not get to use them this season. How do they taste and are they really worth the weight?

  2. If you are totally concerned with leaving waste in the wilderness, build yourself a PVC poop tube, brown paper bag your excrement and put it in the tube for disposal back in civilization.

    Agree on the value of a water filter, I think the dehydrated food is fine, boil the water, pour into the pouch, eat out of the pouch, put the waste pouch into your PVC tube above. The weight of those meals is not that much, but the packaging will add some bulk when full and is waste when empty.
  3. Jezz I thought you could shit in the woods just like a bear!!!!
  4. There is no reason to spend money on toilet paper for wilderness use. Modern Leave No Trace ethics ask you to dig a 6 inch deep cathole in soil, bury and MIX the soil and feces. Popular wilderness toilet papers include old mans beard (super easy to find in the NW), moss covered sticks, smooth sticks, river rocks, water, snow, or a durable leave. I prefer branches off fir trees and snow.

    For people who dont wanna stop using TP, you need to put it into a smellproof baggie and carry it with you. burying/burning tp is not a modernly accepted wilderness practice, although some people will "save" up there TP until they have a LNT fire or fire in estabilshed camp site, and burn the paper in a hot fire at that point.

    The only other thing you need to take with you to effectivly shit in the woods is a bottle of hand sanitizer. Also, dont put rocks over your catholes it slows down the natural biodegrading proccess. poo 300 yards from water or established trails/campsites please.
  5. Is this old mans beard?

  6. OMJ is going to be pissed off if you try to wipe your ass with his face.
  7. i cant be sure but if it is, its a lil different then what im used to. it seems different depending where u find it.

  8. Dude, you can't be serious about wiping your ass with smooth sticks and river rocks! And old mans beard or moss covered sticks? That can't be a clean wipe! I will stick with other alternatives.
  9. I think if you tried wiping with Old Man's beard he'd be pretty pissed.
  10. Well, I am not that concerned. I dig a small hole, dump in it, wipe my ass with whatever paper the wife buys and throw it in the shit hole and cover it all up with dirt. I am pretty damn sure that the next year I shit in pretty near same damn place I have shit for the last five years and I have yet to dig up one of my old turds or find any tp. Sometimes I think you can take shit to damn far.
  12. haha dude that was i was thinking too. I thought i was all bad ass backpacking alone using tp, then i find these guys who wipe there butt with sticks
  13. Its not badass. Its just simple and practical. Like I said,everyone has there own prefernce on natural materials. Why would a round river rock be bad? whats wrong with old mans beard? Humans have taken shits without toliet paper for a couple years. nothin new :p
  14. I can't believe I'm about to go into further detail about this, but here we go... I totally understand that humans had to get by at some point without TP and I'm definitely not above getting the job done with a few well selected leafs. However, I have hesitations/fears with using some of the tools you mentioned.
    1. river rocks - smearing or lack of clean wipe. Might be doing more damage than good from a sanitary perspective. Maybe I just don't know what to look for in a good ass whiping rock. Do you go for something smooth or select something with a little more friction for the best wipe?
    2. smooth sticks - Same initial fear of smearing, but extra fear of splintering and/or poking while in action.
    3. mossy sticks - Don't really have to worry of smearing here. However, the splintering threat still exists and question how clean this really is. Don't you end up with moss flaking off in your ass? What about the threat of bugs hiding in the moss?
    4 old man's beard - I see the benefit of extra control here, but again, remnants and leafy fragments left in my ass kind of defeats the purpose of wiping in the first place, doesn't it?

    Did I take it too far here? I have a tendency to do that sometimes...
  15. Its cool you can carry around a little baggie of used toilet paper in your backpack, just hike behind me :)
  16. Just eat MREs while you're out, and you won't need to worry about shitting in the woods.
  17. Dump in hole, cover. Hold breath. Burn TP.
  18. Guys, am I missing something here?? Since when was TP not biodegradable?? Mine is made out of paper....
  19. iagree

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