Bird dog/pointing dog trainer for English Setter Pup?

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  1. Hi gang,
    Picking up a new English Setter pup Feb 20 from Bar Lee Setters in Bend Oregon and want to reserve a spot for summer training. I have been looking around but wanted to question the masses as to their preferences and why?

    Thinking of starting her with a trainer around 6-7 months old for 3 or 4 months.

    Do you have any that you recommend? How about ones that you do not recommend (i can take those in PM if need be)? Any other suggestions.

    Thanks a ton in advance,

    OH< I am located in Clarkston if that matters!
  2. Call Dan Hoke in 4 Lakes by Cheney....there's a reason why people fly him dogs from around the country to train
  3. +100 for Dan Hoke & Dunfur Kennel, but he prefers to intro a pup to live birds at 16-weeks, and then again for more birds & obedience training at 6-months or so. He worked with a couple Setters while I was up there last Summer with my pup (I believe these were Gordon Setters.). Dan will also do a good job of training the owner . . . go & enjoy. I went up on weekends a couple times to watch my pup work & got to give Dan a hand. It was time well-spent & we'll go back this Spring for "holding steady" work.
  4. I have a 3-year old Llewellin Setter that I hunt pheasant and quail over in Eastern Washington with. When my dog was 8 months old, I let Mike & Nicky McGinnis (they live on a ranch ten miles outside of Baker, OR) have him for ten weeks to do first-year puppy training (e-collar, gun conditioning, 'come' command, retrieves) and to give my dog some exposure to wild birds. Mike does a good job. As do some others.

    You can do a lot of it yourself, though. Buy some dvd's. In my opinion, besides the training, the most important thing is to get a young dog exposed to plenty of wild birds sometime between the age of 6 months and 12 months. I hope you get to hunt her next season. Good luck.
  5. I hear nothing but great things about Dan Hoke!
  6. I would say before you can suggest a trainer you need to know what you want your dog to do. I Sent my dog to Mike & Nicky McGinnis, looking for a dog to run birds from horse back, this can mean and all age dog or a shooting dog. However most hunters want a foot hunting dog more like shoot to retrieve style. Then the dog you get has a role to play, what kind of bloodline did you buy, a field trial line big running dog or a grouse blood foot hunting line. When my dog came back she was a big running (into the next county) runner when I was on foot, and hardly a shooting dog on horse back, who was afraid of chucker. Blinked on every chuker she ever came across. Still loved the dog, but she was ruined for hunting. I have had pointers and setters for 48 years,she was the first and last I sent out for training. The rest I did my self and was very happy with them.
  7. Never mind the trainer, I hope you post some pictures when your pup arrives!

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