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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Old Man, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. What ever happened to peoples birthdays that used to show up on the forum page. Here I turned 78 and nobody knows about it but me. But I really don't give a shit because I'm still an old bastard. But what is a persons age but a number. I can't give anybody a bad time because by the time you all read this it will be Tomorrow and I'll be 78 and a day.

    There, I'm done bitching.

    Have a nice day.
  2. Happy Birthday! 78 is the new 63. ;)
  3. Happy birthday, Old Man Jim.
  4. Happy Birthday Jim! Hope you had a great day!
  5. Happy birthday oldman Jim. I hope you have many more, someday I hope to see you on the water.
  6. Belated Happy Birthday, Jim. I'm getting closer to catching you . . . did you get out on "your day?"
  7. No, wife took sick. Stomach flu. It's making it's way around Dillon now. I tend to not get sick. I stay away from people and not get caught up in crowds. Since I've been in Montana I haven't been down sick. I get the sniffles now and then, but being sick in bed, nothing.
  8. Happy Birthday you grouchy old fart!
    Birthdays are important especially if you are still around to celebrate your own.
    I will be driving through (by) Dillon next week in the U-Haul heading for my new home in Arizona. If Dillon has the flu-bug I am going to keep the windows rolled up and hit the gas. I don't want to be sick when I get to the sunshine.
  9. Happy Birthday, Jim.
  10. Happy Bday Jim.
  11. TROLL!!!

    ... Happy birthday OMJ.
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  12. Happy birthday!

    ...and many more!
  13. I know when one gets close to 55 the AARP people are calling and when 65 is rolling around the Medicare people are camped out on your doorstep. But what age is it the Depends samples come in the mail, is it 78?

    Happy Birthday YMJ.
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  14. To keep it fishing related, there are some arbitrary dates that matter, at 15 you have to buy a license and at 21 you can finally apply for your concealed weapons permit.

    I also believe only one person should be honored on your birthday, and that is your mother after all she is the one who did all the work.
  15. HBD, Jim! Hell, I had no idea you were THAT old! :D I feel younger now...:)

    Hope you had a great one.
  16. How I picture OMJ in his younger days..

    Happy Birthday!
  17. Never been on a farm. I'm a city boy all the way. Now that I'm in Montana and I see the ranchers working cattle or doing things in their fields I stop and watch. I just like to see their dogs work the cattle or the sheep.
    It's fascinating to see what I couldn't see in a city.

    How often are you stopped on a road and the cattle have the right of way.
  18. Well...happy effen birthday.
  19. Good grief, the long winters must be finally getting to you. This is definitely a new low and a sad state for one to be in :D

    ...that said, happy B-day.
  20. I don't know you at all, Old Man, but I enjoy your posts (and sweet pistachio peanuts!, do you have a lot of 'em!!! :)) because you describe your trips and the conditions very well.

    You've got 17 years on me as I turn 62 in August. Neither one of us is close to 90 (well, you're closer anyway! ;)) but I've always liked this quote about gettin' old:

    “Sex at age 90 is like trying to shoot pool with a rope.”
    George Burns

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