black cord for articulated leeches

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Paul Huffman, May 9, 2003.

  1. Where do you get the black braided nylon line for tying the two hooks together on a articulated leech pattern? I've been using backing but the only colors I've found backing in are yellow and white.
  2. I got a 100' spool for 1.99 from the local army surplus works great.

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  3. I use Fireline, available at any outdoor store.

  4. take a black permanent marker to it until you can get some of what you need.
  5. I was talking to Aaron at River Run Anglers the other day, and he said that he used to use Firewire for his Articulated patterns until a bass fisherman came into the shop one day and showed him that if you keep twisting the stuff, it comes unravelled.

    Personally, I use the same material I use for my Musky leaders, Spiderwire Saltwater Fusion in 30 pound. If you don't believe this stuff is super abrasion resistant and super tough, try cutting it.


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  6. It comes on spools and is used for bait casting rigs.Or you can use black backing. I don't like the fusion or spiderwire etc since it frays and breaks in this application. I have used other colors of backing and then touched them up with a black marker.
  7. I thought all the spiderline braided stuff I saw at Fred Meyer or WalMart was light colored. And backing always comes yellow or white.
  8. Go to almost any grocery store and they have fabric dye, I think it is called Ritz or something like that. Just follow the instuctions. I still have an aluminum pot my daughter used to dye a sweater and it is still black and that has been 10 years ago. No I don't use it to boil corn on the cob. More like corn beef and cabbage. The Irish don't know the difference after a few dozen rounds. My kind of people.
  9. The Spiderwire Saltwater Fusion is coated with a protective coating on it and doesn't fray, it's designed to take a beating from rocks and other saltwater applications. It is also a dark green color, but I don't think it matters about the color for an articulated leech, you can't see the string anyway. I've also used dacron coated black with a permanent marker, but I like the Saltwater Fusion for it's durability.


    Calling Fly Fishing a hobby is like calling Brain Surgery a job.
    -Paul Schullery

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