Black flies: The underdog

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Pat Lat, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Experimenting with black flies a bit, and liking my results so far. The underbody is foam so they seem to float well, at least at first.
    I think black flies are underrated and overlooked as trout food, I've swatted my fair share on the river and during the dog days of summer they are everywhere. So when nothing seems to be hatching, or maybe there's a hatch but no takes on the matching flies, I figure I'll tie on one of these and give it a go.

    IMG_4753.JPG IMG_4757.JPG
  2. Freaking awesome!
  3. Badass!! Almost too cool to fish!
  4. Pat, You are quite the experimenter. I'd like to watch you tie sometime. I am impressed. What are the eyes looped thru?

  5. Pat, those are unreal!!! Really great ties! I'd bet those would work pretty much anytime.
  6. those are killer
  7. "Louise, quick, turn on the bug zapper!"
    Not bad for an Amatuer, Pat.
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  8. very nice! i agree i'd almost be afraid to fish flies so nice.
  9. I've watched carp in green lake eat the crap out of bugs like that. The problem was they were eating them off the underside of lilly pads.
  10. Wow, Thanks for the response everyone, I showed them to my girlfriend and she said "they look like flies." so its nice to have my work appreciated now and then.

    The eyes are just glass beads with 6lb mono looped through
  11. Fantastic ties. When I first saw them I swatted at them and broke my monitor.
  12. Very nice Pat!
    I use the glass beads too on my damsel patterns.
  13. Great ties brother, very cool.
  14. Sweet looking flies
    Better keep them away from my chickens
    They would snack those up

    Try one in the salt!
  15. I thought they were real... :)
  16. Holy cow, just doing a search for Carp Flies and found this post, those are AMAZING Pat!
  17. Very nice! I had to keep fighting the urge to swat the monitor . . .
  18. thanks for the kind words guys, This forum has given my lots of inspiration and motivation to try new things. I feel like Ive come further as a tyer in the last few months that Ive been posting than the couple years before since I really got into it.
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