Black King Kelson 3/0

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Mark Mercer, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Here's one tied with coque (roster side tail feathers) I guess it's the closest feather to the extinct Spey cock hackle, have to strip one side to keep it sparse. This is the first Spey I've used it on instead of Blue eared pheasant and it's a bit different to work with, but was fun. It defiantly has a unique look to it. DSCN2317.JPG
    Thanks for looking...
  2. I'm liking that! I'm envisioning it tied on natural color bodies such as olive for late summer steelhead that have seen their fill of Orange and Purple. It looks like it would have lots of wavey motion in current. It does look thick even with half the feather striped. I may give that a try.
  3. Thanks TD and Steve, I stripped most of the other side but not all, I think next time I will. I've seen some pictures and drawing of the old ones and they are on the fuller side, but I don't think they look as good. I used to fish alot of Spey flies but never ones tied with coque so I might have to get this one wet to see how it swims .... I'm also thinking it would be a killer for summer fish.
  4. I actually like the coque a lot, it looks a bit full dry, but I bet it swims awesome. I have a problem tying flys too full, it took me two seasons to get my salt flies sparse enough, so I'm by no means a good judge. Your bronze mallard winds are amazing Mark! I'm working on them, but wow, a lot harder than they look, I have much respect for your ties brother.

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  5. Thanks Steve, I'll let you know how it looks after I get it wet. You'll get the mallard wings with practice, they do take a very light touch. They seem to always look better when mounted together but you might want to try one side at a time, I think it's a little easier. Good luck and let me know how things are progressing.
  6. I almost missed this one, Mark. Nicely done. Very nice work on the ribbing and I am envious of the beautiful heads on your recent flies.
  7. Thanks Jack for noticing my heads....:p you know all too well....Practice, Practice, Practice.....I've been tying so many of these lately, even I'm going to get better at something and I've been working on them as much as everything else. Glad
    you like it !!!!
  8. Another nice one
  9. absolutely beautiful!!!! Getting them sparse is a problem. I've been trying to do some on size 6 and no matter how sparse I tie them they seem pretty heavy. The head shows a lot of talent and attention to detail!....nice job!
  10. Thanks guys, I'd like to start another one with coque but out of the package I bought theres only a couple hackles that are really any good, might have to get some more.

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