Blackmouth/resident coho swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Clint F, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Ok I have heard that some others want another saltwater swap so here it is. 10 tiers total and the flies are due Feb. 11, 2009. The flies are for puget sound blackmouth/resident coho. Let me know if you are in.

    1. Clint F- a small baitfish Recieved
    2. rotato- south sound euphie Recieved
    3. Zach M-probably some sort of epoxy baitfish Recieved
    4. Connor H- snot dart
    5. ifrank- popper recieved
    6. Thomas-flat wing baitfish Recieved
    7. North sounder- squid Recieved
    8. Richard Torres- Thorne River Emerger Recieved
    9. Dinker- euphasid Recieved
    10. Sean K- bugger recieved

  2. i'm in

    if thats cool

    this crap is tessted
  3. im in i will tie something glow in the dark
  4. Ok guys I have you down. Anyone else?
    rotato- you are doing a euphisid right?
    Zach- let me know what you plan on doing.

  5. the south sound euphie

    or something like that

  6. A little Snot Dart thing! SLAYED 'em on it!
  7. I would love to get in on this. I have had little success on the salt and would love to get some new tools. I tie a good beach popper along with clouser and shrimp patterns, but I've been wanting to try a flatwing or something else new. Any suggestions / requests?
  8. ifrank- how about the popper?

  9. Popper, go with the popper.

  10. POOOOPER!!!
  11. Xdog are you in? We have a few more spots.

  12. Change of plans, Olive over white tube Shock and Awe' ish fly. It should catch blackmouth as well as coho...
  13. i said something glow in the dark. not sure what but who cares ive caught fish on all of my glow stuff in low to no light. probably some sort of epoxy baitfish
  14. Ok, Still have room for some more.

  15. I guess I will tie the popper. 1 per tier?
  16. Yes, So you will need to send me 9 unless we dont fill the swap.

  17. I'll join in with a small flatwing baitfish.

  18. nice Thomas
  19. Hi Clint,
    If you still have room for this swap I like to get in with a orange conehead squid.
    This fly has been killing the Coho and Cutthroat up here on the North Kitsap.
  20. Clint:

    If there's room count me in.

    I'll tie a tiny salmon pattern.

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