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  1. Alright alot of good info. I actually was bored other day and stopped by barnes and noble to read up on your costal cutt book. I gained a fair amount of actualy useful info.

    All i got is an old 6/7 weight with floating, and my new 8 with rio tip. Should i be alright with one of the tips and a shock and awe with some glow flash?

    Looked at tides and thinking end of next week might give us perfect tides and time to give this a shot.
  2. I managed to catch one tonight, and the glow in the dark shock and awe seemed to be the ticket like usual.
  3. Thats encouraging. I have summoned my fly making slave to tie up some of those so we can get out there :)

    Thanks for report
  4. hey asshole now you don't get to use any flies until you get off your lazy ass and learn to tie some. Have fun watchin me catch all the fish biiiiiiiitch. :beer2:


    we both know your an asshole but just buy the damn book instead of reading it at barnes and noble, especially when you talk to the author ha ha:thumb:
  5. lol hey....i will deal with you later....and i dont wanna spend money


  6. ....a fair amount of actual useful information......Sort of damning with faint praise. However since you were extrapolating from information in a cutthroat book to be used for blackmouth, I guess I should feel honored to garner such an accolade. Maybe it was all of the color photos that did the trick.
    Les Johnson
  7. :thumb:Now, that is funny! Nicely done. ;)
  8. Well i read it for the src part but i guess some parts could be applied to blackmouth. Whatever good overall content.

    Color pictures always lure me in:thumb:
  9. thoughts exactly. :)
  10. i fish for them out with my grandpa and we use flashers with green quid on the end.

    my grandpa lives on camano Is
  11. Yea i do that with downriggers on boat. I was looking for info on fly fishing for them.
  12. Still curious about this . . . particularly when you note you are experienced in catching them using gear ? I'm thinking a self-described "Master Angler" should be providing information, unless maybe you're holding out on info and 'fishing' yourself. :)
  13. Naw... I dont think he is doing that... only one i have ever seen do that is toadthedry...

    I usually dont fish for blackmouth much with the fly rod because i am hunting this time of year, but when i have done well, i am able to find bait fish concentrated, usually around eel grass flats on a decent shelf. I am sure there would be BM off the eel grass around Eglon and those areas, but they are awful exposed and tough to fish without a nice minus tide.
    I like to fish very flashy flies. I have also done very well on a slider/popper in the past.
    good luck
  14. O no people are starting to bring my name into this.

    Yes i have fished gear for them and know the basics of that. But thats out on boat with depthfinder, gps, downriggers, 60-180 ft water. Was just wondering about flies, lines and times to hit beaches.

    I wish i could hold back information on fishing from you guys, but hell, i havent caught a fish on the fly since fall when i first started. So no worries on me holding any info back.

    P.S. i wouldnt really hold back even if i knew what i was doing :)
  15. MasterAnglerTaylor, if I am not mistaken, is a teenager I think. He's just new into the sport and looking for a few tips. I like the fact that he calls himself a Master-angler. It's the old "act-as-if" mentality. Someday, I have no doubt, he will be the Blackmouth Master-Angler. For now young Jedi, here is a picture of a hatchery blackmouth I took (and barbecued) on a Clouser at 8:30 am in the morning last Sunday off a local beach. I hooked and release another that was a native. The one in the picture is only 24 inches long, and about 5 pounds, but I have seen larger blackmouth taken on the fly. Like Mr. Les Johnson said, many of these fish push past the 10-12 pound limit, and into the 20's. Keep at it. Jeff
  16. Yes i am a young one. Haha i hope one day to be called the master angler one day...maybe not specifically blackmouth master angler...but we will see.
  17. Right on Jeff! :thumb:
  18. You edited your post and put that picture on there and now i am on the quest
  19. you can use a flasher while trolling with a very large squid fly.
  20. You said that already....

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