Blanks-Rogue vs. D. Craft Five Rivers

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  1. Looking to build a 905 for myself, and have been considering a Rogue or a Dan Craft Five Rivers blank. It is my understanding that the Rogue blanks are being produced by former Loomis guys. Does anyone have any input or experience building on either of these blanks? Any info would be appreciated. THANKS GUYS!!
  2. Have not had experience with the rogue blank. Which dancraft blank are you looking at (sig III, sig V, FT, FTL)? I have a 906-4 FT that I use for the beach. The rod is a rocket launcher but has a very forgiving tip allowing great feel of the loading. That being said I have had to replace 2 broken tips and one broken second section in 2 years.
  3. Looking at the FT or the FTL. I am looking for a blank with an action similar to the Sage VT2 or one of the ORIGINAL Loomis IMX rods. I understand that the IMX is a faster rod than the VT2, but the IMX is one of my altime favorites. Sold one about 5 years ago, and have been kicking myself ever since.
  4. Don't know anything about Rogue, but Gary Loomis' new company is North Fork Composites.
    Regarding Dan's blanks the FT's are as fast as I have seen. I have only had a 6wt FT and a 4wt IMX so it is probably difficult to compare, but the FT was much faster that the IMX. For most conditions, I had a hard time loading the FT. If you over-line it, fishing heavier sinking lines, or super long casts, it is great. I fished it in AK with sink tips for light salmon and it was great. But most trout conditions that I fished, I just really struggled. My 4wt IMX never had that problem. General fishing with 4wt lines it worked great. Again, I know a 4 and 6 are two very different rods, but my point is the 4wt was appropriately rated for most of my fishing, the 6wt FT was just to fast for most of what I did. Excelled in some situations though. It just depends on what you want it to do.
  5. Go ahead and try to get an FT blank. I have not been able to get any blanks from Dan in the 3 to 8 wt 9' 4 pc in over a year.
  6. Charlie,

    I know he was out of stock for a bit, but I got my replacement tip for a 690-4 about a month ago so you may want to try again.
  7. Thanks Rob, I'll check with him. I have over a thousand invested with him.
  8. I built only one Dan Craft Blank an original Sig 906 for stripping streamers. A great rod even now. Dan really knows his stuff give him a call. Even Meiser supports his FT sereis for small switch rods. Not sure but maybe a CTS product rolled to his standard. Great review on a number of boards inculding and rodbuildingforum.
  9. I just got a new tip section for my 8 weight as well. Called him and it showed up a few days later.
  10. If their blanks are anything like their rods, don't buy Rogue. My experience with them is the snap way too easily at the tip. Mind you, these have all been gear rods.
  11. Bob Loomis, Gary's cousin helped Rogue set up just like he did ATC but he hasn't been with Rogue for over 10 yrs. and probably more. Like 2506 said many of the Rogue blanks are fast tipped and when high sticked, dropped, stepped on, thrown in the back of the truck or used to drag your catch out of the water they will break. Not unusual, Lamiglas and Loomis rods will break under those conditions too. If a rod doesn't break the first few times you use it or on the first decent fish, mistreatment broke the rod.
    I have some 8 to 17 lb Rogues that are 15 years old, fast tipped and doing just fine. You have to treat a performance rod better than a Wally World special if you want them to fish. I've built a few Rogue fly rods and they are nice rods.
    I own many Dan Craft rods and they would be my first choice, better graphite and large variety of different actions to pick from. My favorites are the Sig Vs and the FTLs.
  12. Emailed with Dan from DanCraft and he informed me that the FTXL blank is very similiar to the original Loomis IMX series. He said that the FT is faster than the IMX, and more in line with the early GLX. Anybody who built these blanks , please chime in with your thoughts.
  13. You may want to get on Go to the Rod showcase forum. A member by the name of GeorgeM recently wrapped one up. You may want to ask him for feedback.

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