Blooded Midge Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by steeli, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Much obliged steeli....
  2. Ive got mine done!
  3. Quick tiers! I hope we can still get one more person to round the swap off.
    For those I haven't sent the address to yet, shall do sometime this upcoming weekend.
  4. Hmmmm....I don't really have a go to blood worm as I just got back into tying but I'm sure I can come up with something if you'll have me
  5. It is a fly exchange, maybe you just pony up some of those Deifert bugs.

  6. Hey now.....lets not get crazy here! I did find an interesting pattern. Gonna need to stop at the shop and pick up a couple things but it looks like a simple tie that would be effective
  7. WOW!Look at him get all defensive!!
  8. Ok, Nick you got the last spot. Now the pressure's on...
  9. Mine went out today....just add water.
  10. Half done, other half done today, in the mail tomorrow.
  11. I'm ready but I need the address.

  12. Finished mine today. Both patterns have red in them.
  13. I did two also with a Blood Midge Chironomid and the second I call Red Dye #40. ;-)
  14. I need an address.
  15. Address information was sent to everyone this morning.
    Deadline is still March 3rd. One person asked about pushing out the deadline a week, but still said could make it if need be. Unless there's some loud requests to extend, we're sticking with March 3rd so I can return the bugs quick and we can use in early March. Looking forward to more lakes opening up in a week!
  16. The 3rd works for me, but extending it would be fine also.
    Got the info and mine will go out by Tuesday.
  17. Mine went out yesterday
  18. I tied two patterns of my own, but both sno-cone style.....size 18 the wriggler and size 14 shapeshifter.

    Bagged, tagged, and ready to drop in the mail in the morning.....sent a 6x9 bubble mailer with plenty of room for the indicators(thanks Blue).
  19. My flies are in the hands of the USPS as of 9AM this morning on their journey up North.
    Can't wait to see variations of a bloodworm. This should be cool to see the different ties.
  20. Mailed mine monday am.

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