Bloodworm Swap?

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by flylikeIdo, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. Anyone up for a swap with their favorite or at least a second favorite bloodworm? I am interested in seeing what others use.
  2. I'm in

    I'd be up for it - have never tied them, but saw a few interesting patterns in a recent tying book.....a "bead head" version with the bead in the middle of the "worm". Your thinking San Juan worm variants right?


  3. bloodworm swap

    count me in.
    Randy Diefert
  4. I'm in, my blood worm is deadly effective and ridiculously simple to tie. I'll have to tie two for everyone.

  5. I'm in with a bloodworm version of Fox's Poopah. How many tyers? When will flies need to be in?

  6. I have one that works well also. Cant remember the name at this point though.

    IM IN!
  7. I can be in if needed, but i would have to know in the next couple of weeks since the movers will be here soon. :D
  8. a little research helped me - chironomid larva.....not aquatic worms. I'll have to beg out since I've never fished them an do not know of any patterns that work in this locale.

  9. I'm in for a Bloodworm swap. I have a pattern I use, It is a variation of an Atomic Worm. It has white gills and a peacock head. It has been effective in our Eastern Washington lakes. how many? Shall we make 2 each the're quick to tie???
    jesse clark
  10. blood worm swap

    FlylikeIdo sent you a PM.
  11. Well there was more interest than I expected so soon. I will read up after I get some work done and figure out how many people we have and how many flies to tie etc...

    Will keep you posted
  12. flylikeido,

    I can't tell from your posts whether you've hosted a swap before. If not, as a friendly suggestion it might be worthwhile to read the thread below from last summer about when fly swaps go bad. There are some excellent pointers there about being a swapmeister.

  13. So the names I have for this swap are as follows:

    Surf Candy
    Randy Diefert
    Kent Lufkin
    2 Much Fishin
    Jessy James
    John Clark

    Your right I have never been the swapmiester before, So if I am not doing it right you will just have to bear with me as I figure it out.

    I say we do 2 flies each, they can be the same or different its up to the individual.

    You can send them to:

    8129 NE 166th Street
    Kenmore, WA 98028

    Any other recommendations will be appreciated from you veteran swapmiesters.
  14. Bloodworm Swap

    Could we add another name to this swap? John Clark would like to participate, he is not on the internet currently so you would have to contact him through me. I will vouch for his reliability and tying ability. All I need to know is when you want the flies...
    jesse clark
  15. Sure can, I will add his name to the list right now. How does everyone feel about having the flies mailed by the 9th. That gives us lazy procrastinators over a week to tie up the flies and get them in the mail.
  16. blood worm swap

    so if I read this right it's (min) 16 flies a piece mailed by the 9th? correct? Are you allowing anyone else in? and if so; What will be the "cap"?
  17. Hey Fly:
    The two flies each sounds great but lets extend it a week. This week is about shot for busyness and meetings for me. How about in the mail by the 15th or 16th?? What do you other swappers think?? :confused:
    jesse clark
  18. blood worm swap

    Mine are done for12 people x 3 patterns. Just need to know if he's going to let more than that in.
  19. Left Out?

    Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somehow my name was left off that list. I'm very much into this swap please let me in. I have no trouble tying two flies for each person. Maybe repost the list of folks participating. See the fourth post in this thread.

  20. I am all about getting as many different flies as possible. I dont know about the others in the swap but I am up for just letting as many people in before the deadline as possible. We have 8 right now, so keep an eye out for the additions. Cant really extend the deadline as I will be traveling the 19th through thanksgiving.

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