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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Idaho steel, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. I'm curious, what rods do you like to fish?
  2. Spey rods
  3. Do you have any favorites?- I owned a T&T 1208-3 and liked it very much. Was wondering what rods you compared to it and liked to fish now. What particular spey rods do you prefer to fish?
  4. I really like the Beulah, little bit slower action which is nice. It's got that going for it, very strong for the "weight".
  5. Wadecalvin. Any rod that provides a meaty enough tip to transfer energy into the butt so I can feel it happen and respond by letting the butt release that energy back through to the tip of the rod. It's really quite simple.
  7. I guess its a matter of perspective. I don't think of distance when I fish long lines. I think of ease of use and the fact im not stripping. Mostly I think how happy I am that I'm not having to use a short head for those reasons. In fact I don't think of distance at all because I'm fishing. Why do you cast/fish for distance?
  8. Cuz its a whole lot of fun to pick up fish where others cant!
  9. That's what my gear friend told me... but of course I disagree, strongly... : )

  10. I think it is both, easy distance when you want it, and ease of use, casting without shooting line and still getting out there 90ft plus.....and doing it all over again consistantly.
  11. My experience is similar to Panhandle's. I rarely fish a rod longer than 13' on the wet side, but once I'm on the Clearwater or Snake in the fall my preferences are for the 15'+ rods.

    Why? Water coverage, not having to strip in line, and the additional length aids in casting when wading out to my tits. A few more fish are probably covered in a few runs as well. No need for t14 here - a sinking poly is about as far as I'll go in October or November.

    Long rods and long lines are, for me, more functional on this type of water. Plus it's the only time of year I fish with one so I look forward to it for that reason as well. :) As always, YMMV.


  12. What about the rainshadow series, any comments on those seen a 12'6" 6wt. On evil bay for cheap and was wondering if it's worth wrapping up or a bust, I prefer mid to tip style flex rods. Any comments
  13. There are plenty of good casting blue collar rods out there. To each his own...I don't think rods designed for tournament casting are used much for fishing because they are almost all longer than the average steelhead fisherman wants or needs...but there are situations where distance is useful.
  14. My tounament rods that I fish with are merely 11 wghts no special design.
  15. Thats great Bruce, the 11 weight is certainly a rod that will allow you to land and release a fish quickly. As it should be!
  16. believe me I fight fish HARD!!!! lol if I lose them I lose them but I do get them in quick.

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