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Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Norm Frechette, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. Norm Frechette

    Norm Frechette Googlemeister

    Anybody have a midge or nymph pattern using blue materials they would like to share?

    Blue has piqued my interest!
  2. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    I had some blue woven flies,but I gave them all away. Maybe the ones I gave them to could post a picture of them.


    P/S Go to the home page and go to shops. Click on River Run Anglers and then woven flies. I can't tell you how to tie them as it is easier shown than told. Or one of the boys here will give you a link on how it is done.

  3. jessejames

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    I tie a soft hackle using the beautiful blue peacock breast feathers for the hackle. It has a peacock hurl body and an orange "tag" it is very effective fished in the surface around weed beds using a dry line. If your interested I could e-mail you the complete recipeor I could mail you a couple.
    jesse clark
  4. Ron Eagle Elk

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    Jesse does tie a beautiful fly for sure. If it's blue you want this is the fly.

  5. willieboat

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    Sorry to jump right off subject, since you are probabaly talking about trout.
    A few years ago, a friend told me about an article that he'd read where the subject was how fish saw blue better than any other color. I rushed home and tied up these big blue marabou spey flies. I tied them on Alec Jackson 1.5 gold spey hooks. It had at least two marabou plumes palmered from back to front, a blue wet hackle, and white hackle tip wing. They were around 3.5 " long.
    Dude, I could do no wrong that summer on the Cowlitz. I had a four steelhead day once. Even gave one to my buddy who'd never caught a summer fish on a fly. Yep he did that day.

    Well, as fish stories go, I never was able to get many hook ups on that fly since then. I've sinced changed it to black.

    I think that it's faith in the fly to be sucessful with SH.
  6. Jeremy Husby

    Jeremy Husby Is there a Vahalla for fishermen?

    I tie this damsel nymph pattern if it is any help to you:

    to make a nymph change this;

    Tail: marabou to hen fibers

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