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  1. Hello everyone. I am about to start my adventure of building a fiber glass rod. This rod is a very important build for me and needs to be perfect. I am creating this thread because I am hoping that some else here has built a rod using a "Blue Halo" blank. I have already purchased a real seat, cork, eyes, hook keeper and thread (white) that I plan to use for this build. I will begin the reaming of the cork real soon.

    Does anyone here have any pictures of a completed "Blue Halo" rod? Does anyone have any pointers before I begin? The blank is an 8' 5/6 WT in sky blue. I chose this color because of it being so close to "Infantry Blue". In saying this, does anyone know where I can find an Infantry (Crossed Rifles) or an Army butt cap? My plan for this rod is that I would like to present it to a Veteran. Jerry D. (Moderator) knows exactly what my goal is, when I need it completed, and why this is so important for me to get right the first time.

    Please if you have pointers, hints, tricks, or guidance I look forward to hearing from all of you. As this build take place I will post photos of my progression.

    Again, in advance, thank you all for your help.
  2. James, I would like to hear how feel about the blank after you build it. I have wondered about these rods.
    As for the color or a finished rod, I just google searched for images Blue Halo fiberglass rod and got lots of pics of finished sky blue rods. You may have to scroll down a bit but there are lots of options.
    I love what you are doing. Best of luck.
  3. A very incredible thing that you are doing!!!!

    Great blanks and very fun to fish. I built that size while back in the *Raw* color and I really like them. I would try and use a color fast or NCP thread if you are going to use white, if not you will end up with a translucent milky wrap after the finish is applied unless that is what you are shooting for. I am no help but for something like this I hope you can get a forum member to help you out with a pin to give it a proper home on this build.
  4. If this is your first build I would suggest buying a cheap rod building kit and build that up before starting this one. A batson forecast kit is about $100 and produces a nice fishing stick. The things you screw up and learn from on your first rod will greatly improve your second product.

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  5. The top picture is what the white should look like, translucent. You can do a test wrap and apply finish under the reel seat or cork to see what it will look like. If you are wanting the wraps to be white they will need to be perfect. If not the blue will show through. You might think about doing blue wraps and tipping them in blue? ( I helped someone build a rod and he had a hard time seeing the green thread on a green blank so he used yellow. the wraps were good but there were places the green blank showed through. More noticeable than I thought.) I would second the suggestion of building another rod if this is your first. Also see if there is an experienced builder near by to help with the finish. Great idea and will be looking forward to some pics of the finished rod.

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