Blue Lake Resort Coulee City, WA

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  1. I took my son and neighbor boy fishing/camping over the Memorial Day weekend.

    We camped at Blue Lake Resort between Soap Lake and Coulee City.

    I didn’t get time to fly fish because most of my time was spent re rigging, rowing or keeping the boys safe.

    We had a blast. Caught a bunch of fish and camped right on the lake.

    The boys loved it. They could swim, throw lake slime at each other and build campfires right at our tent site. I was able to launch and revive the DB right from our site.

    The campground staff was very courteous; there are hot showers and a store with the basics like ice, tackle and emergency camping supplies.

    We will be taking our kids back to Blue Lake. Might even bring the canoe for the kids to play in because there is a safe zone at the campsite shore line where power boats are limited to 5MPH.

    Water temp was 66 during the day cooling off to 62 at night. Most of the fish were right on the bottom in 30' of water during the day, then approx 23' and up as the shadows were cast upon the water in late afternoons.

    We spent the hot part of the day swimming and relaxing under the shade trees at our camp. It was ideal, beautiful view of the lake and coulee plus a nice breeze coming off the lake.

    Campsites are close together, so you get to know your neighbors well. I was gone cleaning fish for 1/2 hour. When I came back my boys had a huge bonfire courtesy of our 20 something neighbors who donated supplies and know how to turbo charge our fire. Great stuff:thumb:
  2. Hi Greg,
    Great family resort that's run by really fine people. Overlooked by most flyfishers but both Blue and Park are very productive. Glad you enjoyed your stay in Coulee Country.
  3. Nice report
    Blue has become one of my favorite E Wa lakes. Boat/jet ski traffic can be aggravating at times though but fishing has always been good. (This lake would be an awesone selective gear lake) Anchor or troll in the south end and can always find fish willing to bite between 10-25 ft. Secret is to get deep enough in the lake.
    Early in the mornigs or in the evenings can catch on top with midge patterns.

    Fished there 3 weeks ago and had a great time. Caught many fish (over 20) on fly.
    All fish very fat and healthy. Kept 5 and when I cleaned them their stomachs were just stuffed with size 10-12 chronies. Very good eating fish ( smoked them) and a great place to take someone beginning to learn how to fish. Noticed that most fish had white tipped pectoral fins.
  4. What does the white tipped pectorial fin indicate?
  5. Yes, the office people are very frendly and helpfull. My kids loved it and are asking when they can return to Blue Lake Resort.

    I love fishing the desert of central washington. Years ago, when I first Married my wife, we had inlaws living in Soap Lake. I was bored when visiting there, so I tried fishing Lake Lenore on ultra light spin gear. While there, I met a nice fly fisherman who clued me into Rocky Ford. I visited Rocky Ford and stared into the crystal clear water at small steelhead sized trout. The following season I took a fly casting class at Green Lake then started fishing the Ford.

    I may be taking my 70 something dad back to camp/fish at Blue Lake Resort this week. Both dad and I need a little time away from the city. Dad and I normally fish/camp on the Yak river, but it looked really blown out last weekend as we drove by it on the way to Blue Lake. My 8 yr old son is bummed I will not take him out of class to camp/fish with dad and granddad.

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