Blue lake (the one around baker lake)

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by uncoolperson, Jul 30, 2007.

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    Anyone know anything about it? from the topo's i've seen looks like it'd have some awesome views, short easy hike... but are there any fish?
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    sorry, don't know about blue lake. I apologize if this hijacks your thread, but your question prompted me to ask about baker lake - does baker lake have any decent fishing? (where/what parts of lake, hatches) i'm going camping w/the family and trying to decide whether to bring the rod.

    please answer uncoolperson's question about blue lake first ... and then if you think of it ... throw me a bone about baker lake.
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    It's been over 15 years since I hiked in to the Blue Lake you ask about. It has a large population of brook trout that at that time were mostly stunted due to over-population. Numerous fish about 6" long. However, then area fish bio JJ added some 14" brown trout to prey on the annual supply of juvenile brookies. Check the regs; the brown trout were off limits to retention, but should have reduced brook trout density enough to increase the average size. I've heard of this working in some lakes, but never made it back to check out.

    It's a short hike, so it over crowds with day hikers and backpackers looking for a nice view and campsite without too much sweat. I took my float tube cuz there were only a few places to fish from shore, and those were all occupied campsites.


    Baker Lake has good fishing for kokanee which are landlocked resident sockeye salmon, but I wouldn't consider it a productive place to go fly fishing. Decent fly fishing for stocked RB trout can be had in Depression Lake along the west pass dike of Baker Lake. It gets stocked regularly through the spring and summer season by PSE, but friends of mine have caught holdovers of respectable size. Bring a float tube or small craft for better access.


    Salmo g.
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    I hiked to blue lake once a few years ago. Must have been spring there was snow on the ground and it was cold. We did see some fish in the lake though. That was about 4 years ago. If you go to that area check out the baker hot springs, your probably gonna see some naked folks, they're probably gonna be burnt out hippies, they might also be some Western coeds, it's a crap shoot.