Blue Palmer Kelson HB 4/0

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Mark Mercer, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Here's one on my new Harrison-Bartleet 4/0 hooks, I think a much better shape than what I've been using in the past. All and all I'm happy with it and I'm starting to see some improvement with these. I think the wing is pretty good and used a large mallard for the roof due to the fact the pattern has no sides, cheeks, or horns so I wanted to fill in as much as possible. The pattern calls for jay for the throat and what I have was too small so had to use guinea, but it's not a great color.
    Now if I could only get my photos to look like Eunans....I'm going to work on that.
    I hope you enjoy it.

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  2. I wouldnt sweat the photo, it looks great!!

    You'll find that many of the patterns that called for jay feathers were tied on much smaller hooks, though Kelson did recommend to use guinea as a sub for larger flies. As you said, this shade is not the best, but dyeing a dark blue guinea is quite easy if you want to get into that side of it too.

    Good hooks do make all the difference to the fly! I think you nailed this fly to the mast in a solid fashion!
    Great bodywork, much better than my floss bodies! Great taper to the hackle, though i'm not keen on the pulled down hackles, its purely a matter of personal taste.
    on bigger flies (and especially those with fur bodies, i use a large tinsel, purely because it fills in more space as you did with the fat mallard roof.

    This is a belter of a fly, Mark. The comments above are really just nit picking on my part....

    Cant wait to see more!
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  3. What's wrong with the photo???? Sheeesh. You Atlantic Salmon Fly tiers are just a tad on the obsessive side.
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  4. Awesome tie as usual!

    As far as the pic...I've been playing with them quite a bit in my SBS pics. On this one, would you say that you put too much directed light on the head of the fly thus causing the washout of the mallard?

    If you agree, I'm not sure how to fix that and still get rid of the shadows...perhaps put some tissue paper over the light source so it is more diffused?
  5. Thanks all for your kind comments, I'm glad you like it.

    Eunan, I agree it would have looked better with a larger tinsel, I should have spotted that. I'm not sure if I like pulling all the hackle down, this is the first one I've done it too, to see if I liked it and I think it would have looked better leaving it alone.

    Big E, I tried using a box and filtered the light from the top, and it didn't seem to be any better than just putting a back stop up and clicking away. I don't think the mallard is washed out, it's more of the light gray root of the fibers,
    but I see what you mean it's also has kind of a funny shape from trying to cover up the sides to much. Next one I'm going to try some different things, thanks for the advise.

  6. Absolutely beautiful. I'm in awe, Mark.
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  7. Thanks Nick, I think it's that search for perfection that can never be realized.... But thats part of the fun, it's all about the challenge, and it's fun to share with everyone and get there feedback.
  8. could be you already have acheived it and haven't realized that
    once again Mark beautiful tie
  9. No way in Hell! That's awfully nice of you to say Kelvin, but mine don't compare to the really good one's. It's all the little things and preparations that make or brake these flies and I'm still learning how to do that, hopefully one day I'll feel like I'm close. I just need to tie them more consistently than I have in the past if I truly want to improve, but usually fishing gets in the way.:D


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