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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by stokes, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. I'm "value" oriented by nature, but I've gotten tired of digging gear out of a dry bag or backpack. What I'm looking for is ALWAYS at the bottom.

    What do you use that is reasonable in price, yet still can shed some water and be worthy of throwing in the drift boat / canoe for organizing the gear?

    Go Hawks!
  2. NRS has what you need.
  3. I agree, NRS products are bulletproof.
  4. Depends on what you have and/or want in the bag. I have four sizes of Cabelas dry bags to accomodate different needs. They go from a camera up to jackets etc. Where do you live? REI has several different dry bags in their paddling section. GI Joes also has some from time to time.
  5. I've done a lot of research on this as I've been looking for a new boat bag off and on over the last year++. The bags below are probably a little spendy for the non-obsessive angler. My thoughts below are just my thoughts, would be curious if folks have any similar or different input then I do on the bags below.

    Patagonia Great Divider - cool bag, absolutely water tight. The drawbacks are the zipper is really difficult to deal with, I have a friend with one of these bags, and we sometimes leave it unzipped because of how much fiddling it takes to close it. This leads to the ocasional spill of it's contents. I also don't like the fact there is no handle on the top, only a shoulder strap, it's hard to grab the bag real quick to move around.

    Simms dry creek bag - This thing is also totally water proof, it's a cool bag, but it's kinda plain and I don't like the stiffness of the bag, it's doesen't really break down so you can't stow it away easily. Some folks might prefer it this way. It has a similar zipper issue as the great divider.

    William Joseph gear bag - This is a cool bag, one of my favorite things about it are the gunnel hooks. I'm leaning towards this bag so far. Although it's not as waterproof as the bags listed above, the lid is waterproof and it has some dry zipper storage inside along with lots of velcro movable compartments. Has a handle on the top and a shoulder strap. The zipper is a non-issue as well.

    Fish Pond Cloudburst - This looks like a cool bag, I haven't seen it in person yet but I've heard and read about it. Has gunnel hooks as well so it's easy to hang off the side of your boat. I like the fact that it has a flap over the top rather then a zipper. Like other fishpond bags it has tons of pockett storage. Looks like a cool bag, I will probably buy this one or the william joseph bag, just need to see this one in person before I decide.

    There have to be more bags out there, would be curious if anyone else has any that compare to those listed above.
  6. The GI Joe bags aren't too good. And the one's I've seen in REI are small. The Bills' bags are awesome for the money and the new zipper bags are nice but spendy.
  7. I've got piles of backpacks and dry bags in various sizes. All suffer the problem of having to dig for what you're looking for vs being able to organize to some degree.

    Jacket, gloves, reels, spools, fly boxes, camera, hats, shades, etc... Usually I organize things into a couple of giant ziplocks within a pack to make things a littler easier, but it doesn't stop me from having to either pull everything out, or dig until I can "feel" what I'm looking for.

    Defintely was eyeballing the NRS stuff.
  8. Ibn -

    I'm obsessive about it. :)
    I'm always pre-packed to snowboard, fish, or camp on zero notice. It's the only way that I can avoid forgetting something or wasting time on a frenzied search for that last critical item.

    The William Joseph and Fishpond bags are exactly what I'm looking for (those gunnel hooks caught my eye too!), but dang that's a lot of green.

    I was hoping there was a bag out there along the same lines as those two for less that I just hadn't found yet.
  9. I guess it depends on what type of boat you have. I am a whitewater guide and I have used the NRS thwart bag for two seasons of commercial use. It is easy to open and close with zippers and has an all mesh bottom for drainage. It cinches down via straps on the thwart and is easy clipped on/off. You can wear the straps like a back pack for carrying. It is not waterproof though, which I find convenient because it makes getting in and out of the bag easier. You just have to store water sensitive stuff in a smaller dry bag or zip lock. It is priced at $35 bucks I think.

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  10. I like the Cascade Designs bags, "Sealine". There are a bunch of them- from little ziplocks for cell phones up to huge portage bags for river trips. These are the professionals bags. I swear by them.
  11. Outcast boats and accesories has some splash proof duffels at a good price small 12"by26" for $45.00 and large 16"by32" for $50.00. Ive never heard any reviews or seen them first hand. Just like the price and dont need a total waterproof bag.
  12. Can't beat this deal for a top of the line dry bag.

    sierra trading post

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  13. along the same lines, I was looking for a bag that I could strap around one of my pontoons. I have a fish cat and only two regular size pouches w/zippers.
    I find they are packed to the gills with everything I need for a days fishing (fly boxes, extra reels, leatherman, keys, wallet, phone, etc).
    After looking at Cabelas, Kaufman's and other higher end places, I went to Outdoor Emporium. On the way down, I thought that a small soft sided cooler would be the right size to hold the misc stuff that I "may" need during a fishing trip. But I still wanted it to strap around a pontoon as it looks like there is enough room next to one of the existing pouches.
    On my back platform I keep a cooler packed with food and assorted beverages (ok, a bunch of beers and a bottle of water and some grub), then I have my dry bag for clothes, so the platform is full.
    I found a nice soft sided tackle box that came with 4 of the large plastic storage boxes, with dividers and a hinged lid. All for 18.00. The lid closed with velcro and has a few side pouches, short handles to carry by hand and then a long strap to hang off yor shoulder. It may get some moisture in it, but my pouhces can also. I plan to cut the long shoulder strap and attach snap connectors to each end and clip around my pontoon.

    Maybe kind of hokie, but the price is right and it serves the function I am looking for.

    Two more months till the early opener.

  14. Cabelas has a wide dry bag that looks good, search "Large Canoe Storage Bag" on sale for $40.

    It doesn't fit the reasonable in price, but the Fishpond Chinook is the best bag I've seen ... fits tubes for 10' rods, which most bags won't do. $240 bones ... 1/20th the price of some rods. :D

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