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  1. Hello folks. I'm new here to this forum but it's nice to see folks that know the N.W. and it's fishing. I need some advice and this looks like a great place to get it. I'm a 63 year old disabled vet and I refuse to give up fishing. I've fished the sound up to Neah bay all my life pretty much. I can't afford a big boat and the moorage/expenses. I have had boats ranging from an old 8' pram when little to a 44 trawler, Jet crat, Olympic, Bayliners, Reinells...lots of boats. I live south of Seattle. I have occasional issues with back legs and such that can make just walking not a good thing but I can manage. I am trying to figure out what 16-18 foot boat would be the easiest on my old broken body but still be not to bad to launch and recover and of course be stable and fishable. I have an old F150 to tow it but don't want it too haevy. From what I've seen a lot of you are sold on Bayrunners. I've also considered Arima's and a couple others. I also have to look at cost since I'm also a single parent of a special needs daughter who loves to fish too...and we are on a fixed income. So in a way a lot to consider which is why I need some help. Any thoughs or suggestions would be greatly appriciated. Thank you
  2. I purchased a 19' Arima last summer and am amazed how easy it is to handle. I haven't launched solo yet, as I haven't had it out much yet and my son has always been with me, but I won't hesitate to head out solo this year based on how easily my 11 year old and I were able to handle it.

    If you ever want to take a ride on one I'd be glad to take you out sometime so you can get a feel for an Arima. Good luck in your search!
  3. thank you Nick for the info and the offer. Thank goodness I'm not in a rush. So far from what I've read an Arima would be just about right. A couple years ago I had a nicely setup Bayliner 2455 command bridge I used to launch and recover solo, so your Arima just might be a piece of cake. Thanks again
  4. I had the 17' Arima Sea Ranger which I could handle single handed. I had the trailer rigged with a power wench which made it pretty easy to get it out of the water. After I started to have a heart problem my wife made me sell it. I fooled her and took up fly fishing.
  5. I know my buddy had a 16' Lund that he had an easy time loading/unloading off the old makeshift boat launch by the smelter in Tacoma (now built up and unusable). He had blown out his back and could walk just enough to get in boat and was fine once sitting. He used to be able to load/unload the boat pretty easy by himself.

    BTW, if you are a disabled vet, you should pile in at the Seattle VA. There's a Project Healing Waters program there. I could get you info on time/dates if you like.
  6. There are a lot of good boats out there. Most are pretty fuel efficient in that size range which helps keep cost down. I'd probably lean toward a 16-18 foot Arima or something similar, as a glass boat will be a little heavier and offer a better ride in the salt.

    Good luck!

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