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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Stonefish, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Just a friendly reminder that now that spring is here the boat launches are getting busy.
    If you aren't ready to launch, please don't take up space at the launch while getting things ready to go.

    I fished small lake recently. I was anchored off the launch chironomid fish when a guy backed down the launch. It took him nearly an hour to assemble everything from his toon to his rods. Nothing was ready to fish.
    In the meantime others were having to park in the lot and carry their boats down to the launch due to the launch being occupied.

    Thanks for extending the common courtesy to others.
  2. Or block access to beach launches. Leave a way for folks to get their toons/prams to and from the water.
  3. Good reminder. Think courtesy first.
  4. Thanks Stonefish. Also try and keep the F-bombs to a minimum if you see kids at the ramp.
  5. This will be in full effect with the salmon opener on our marine launches as well. I can't tell you how many times I've seen guys launch an improperly maintained boat with bad fuel, battery, only to sit and moor up taking up dock space while they have the engine hood off as they scratch their heads saying... "it ran well last season...", meanwhile there are guys trying to launch and or retrieve around them shaking their heads. Also, learn how to back up a towed trailer properly please!!! The absolute worst launch in the sound is at Redondo, I try to avoid that as much as possible.
  6. Good thread!
  7. Take good care of this!

  8. Nice office you have there, FF.:D
  9. Tim, thanks. how often do us fishers get a good facility.
    hope the non-fishers give it respect.
  10. Office? Heck, I thought that was Tim's house and carport!

  11. We will be expecting a copy of the book in there for reading enjoyment.
  12. Just don't use chapter 4 for wiping.
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  13. I've yet to experience the new Pass Lake chalet.
    Damn thing was locked up tight on my first visit, likely undergoing final decoration. ....or maybe it requires a Discover Pass HID card for entry.
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  14. thats a darn nice cabin you have there. But the stove stack should have a flame arrester on it
  15. I wish guys would quit coming to my door wanting to use the bathroom. Oh, and stop using my damn driveway to park and launch your boats!
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  16. Uh, I think I peed in your living room... I sure hope it wasn't your kitchen...

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