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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by mtlhead, Oct 27, 2005.

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    I did a search earlier and could'nt find anything that helped. i'm looking for a resource to find both developed and undeveloped launches to drop my drift boat in the water. north end rivers are my main focus (Skagit, N & S Stilly
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    When did you get a drift boat??????. Most of the half way boat launches got washed away in the flood of '03. There used to be a rough one at Whitman bridge but that is usless now and the same can be said for all the launches on the Stilly and both forks. There are a couple on the Sauk and the few on the Skagit,well they're there but hard to use.

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    i thought the atlas and gazeteer had it but i dont have a copy with me so i am unsure.
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    I went there but it doesn't give you all the launches. There are many more that ain't on that list and I think that is what he is aiming for. But being that he is new on the sticks he'll probably end up going in the drink. I know because I have fished with him and when he goes out with me he ends up with the big skunk. :p :p :p

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