Boat name suggestions?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by yellowlab, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. Im picking her up this week and wondering if you folks have any good name suggestions?
  2. Here is a name that will fit......"Debtor's Prison"
  3. John:XXIv3
    (Joking, off course. May your catch be bountiful and your friends more.)
  4. Manina....a young lady I knew in Argentina a while ago. Always wanted to name my sailboat after her, for some reason my wife didn't quite understand.
  5. Yellow Lab
  6. "Swell Dancer!"
  7. I name them after my kids or nicknames of loved ones usually.

    Is your new boat a drifter or gas powered?
  8. Jerry, she is powered by an outboard. I was thinking of encorporating either my wife's or sons name with a reference to fishing if possible. Keep the names coming.... Im still open to any creative ones. I like Swell Dancer so far.
  9. Fish Seoul
    Kim Kruiser
  10. Since retirement I refer to mine as "My Office"!

    Tight lines
  11. Ok, powered is different, why I asked. Usually on power boats (since they have a tendency to break down occasionally) I like to give off the wall names. That way if it does break down you aren't swearing at your wife or kids (in a round about way LOL).

    Do you have a keyphrase you like? Either a nickname of yours, or an off the wall oneliner? Like people putting "My Yacht" or "Miyatt" so you can say "Wanna go for a ride on MY Yacht?" type phrase for a ride on a dinghy. LOL. Just an example. But something like that.
  12. Best I've seen in a while: A 50-foot yacht named "Change Order", towing a small inflatable named "Original Contract"....

    My driftboat was named Row v. Wade.

    For powerboats, I'm partial to full names of adults who have passed through my sort of a New England fashion. I named one after an old friend, and ultimately shortened it, like from John K Smith to Johnny K, but the memories of the person came aboard with me every time.
  13. Yellowlab's Kennel or The Kennel
  14. Kerry, thats a good one... perhaps more appropriate: "Dog house" or the "Dog Pound"
  15. Here's a few names for you Paul:

    Fishy Business
    Reel Estate
    Restless Soul
    Somethings Fishy
    Playing Hooky
    Reel Life
    Knot on my Boat!
    My Last Boat, IV :hmmm:

    Enjoy your new boat. :beer2:
  16. Just for the record, my stern reads;
  17. Not bad, but sounds too much like "Manini," which is the Hawaiian name for a certain small fish, and also is sometimes used as a generic term for "small fish." Some other guys and I once formed a bodysurfing club, and one member jokingly suggested we call ourselves "Kukai Manini." We ended up calling ourselves "Ho'o Mai Nalu" which translated roughly as "getting together to ride some waves."

    OK, now, how about "Kim Chee?" Or "Kims' Chee?"
  18. Fantastic! Love it, keep em' coming!!!
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  20. This is my neighbors. "On the job"
    When someone calls you when you are on the river(like your Girlfriend/wife), and they ask "where are you?" you say you are "on the job" :)

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