Boat name suggestions?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by yellowlab, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. I like "The Dog House". Fitting in so many ways.
  2. "Seoul Man" or "Fishin' Magician" are the other two possible contenders.
  3. Seoul Searching
  4. or Seoul Searcher
  5. One that stuck in my find for years was; "V'ergin"
  7. Think we have a possible winner here!
  8. Deeply Felt
  9. Does that mean I get a ride in the boat?
  10. Piscivore
    Hooked Up
    Several, You?
  11. Rob, your idea is great. You are truly standing on the shoulders of get down, you're killing my back!
  12. I think "Seoul Searcher" is the best name so far. Good one, Rob! Eat your heart out, Mumbles!
  13. Its just like fishing Ed. You can be doing everything 95% right and get nada, but give it that one little tweak and your golden :)
  14. Knotty Girl.
  15. Story of my life man, story of my life.
  16. What about Restless Sole.... sorry, couldn't resist.

    Congrats on your boat.
  17. "Yellows Lab" comes to mind.

    My wife's name is Cris, was looking at a Chris Craft one time and thought "Cris's Craft" would be a good name..

    "Finally!" was another thought.

    Some good choices out there guys!
  18. Here are some twists to Rob's although I like his better.

    "Seoul Quest"

    "Seoul Pursuit"

    "Seoul Trip"

    "Seoul Tripper"
  19. "Wet Dreams"
    "Nauty Buoy"
    "Naut- a -Bite"
    "Going Seanile"
  20. Seoul Dancer
    Sushi Time

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