Boat Necessities or Tricks. Add Your Suggestions.

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by South Sound, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. And when you are in front of a very public launch or line of houses. This give you a sort of "private" relief system.

    Also for poling systems. Aluminum extender painting poles work well.
  2. "Bottle opener mounted to the gunnel is a nice touch."

    Thank you so much.

    Also I have a Stainless Steel Tray with 2 magnets. It is nice to toss old flies on the magnet and then clean them later.

    Anchor Pullies are excellent. Scotties.
  3. Craig M Almost Senior Member

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    you have room on your boat for all this stuff? the boats have limits as to how much weight.
  4. I would not say that a beer opener is too heavy

    Also most stuff can go under your seats
  5. Jason Decker Active Member

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    can't boat with out a good stringer and fish whacker/club - i have a nice mini aluminum bat that works nice!
  6. Stringers suck. They torture the fish and also make the meat taste like crap. The fish struggles until it gets acid in the tissues and it make it taste mealie. If you are going to keep them, use a priest/club and put the fish in the ice box.
  7. Davy Active Member

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    come on Josh, I was sturgeon fishin in the Multnomah channel all last week lettin all the millionaires watch. Most know, but I ain't bashful, don't watch what you don't wanna see. I do carry a 5gal paint bucket and have a t-seat and a big ol' raincoat for the gals in the bow compartment though:hmmm:
  8. I am usually fishing in front of my inlaws houses. It is a bit different to have your mother in law watching you piss off the boat. Also wind is not an issue. Just my 2cents of piss.
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    1) Plastic Milk Crate -(used for garbage, sponge, piss container etc)
    2) Anchor buckets (I use 2 of the dishwasher detergent ones, with holes drilled in the bottom for drainage), anchor, chain and rope fit in there.
    3) Anchor Locks
    4) Drink Holders
    5) Rubbermaid container with lid (keeps all the rod holders, safety equip)
    6) Sounder
    7) GPS
    8) Flask - preferrably single malt
    9) Cooler with block ice - keeps the beer cold, and by the time the beer is gone, there should be room in there for the fish that you are keeping.
    10) Boat Biotch - without one of these, you have to do everythng yourself :rofl:
  10. KerryS Ignored Member

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    Hand operated bildge pump. They are cheap, don't take up much room and can lighten your load when you need it most.
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    If you can work with a few tools you can even save a little