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  1. Wondering what you folks in the States think about this. I'm going to be in the market for a new boat to fish still waters. For the last four years I've used a BC built Harbercraft Flyfisher 11' which I love to fish out of. It's a long, very weird story but I no longer have it. The company hasn't built them for several years so finding another one is extremely difficult. Another well built alluminum boat made up here is a Spratley 10' which sells for about $1700 plus taxes (Cdn).

    What boats/prams are available down there? Doesn't neccessarily have to be alluminum but must be flatbottom, have a good wide beam, and have an extra seat up front to sit another person on that rare occaision my wife comes out from the cabin or if I'm fishing with a partner. I prefer bench seats that I can rig up a removeable spinning seat on. I like the bench because I always use two rods when chironomiding which I do 99% of the time. I hate using rod holders. I like to drape the reel of the rod I'm not holding behind the seat beside me...never lost a rod yet with this method.

    I've seen some nice prams come out of your area but don't know much about the seat configuration. Would pefer top pick one up second hand to save a few bucks but it won't be a deal's just that I'm down a thousand bucks on my last setup.

    Any help, ideas, and prices would be truly appreciated! Cheers~

  2. I have a stillwater classic II and love love love love it! Its an 8' footer but maybe for what you are looking for.. I'd go with the Hopper II. They advertise on this site. The other option is to just look up a used Jon boat. They are nice a long and flat. You can usually find them pretty cheap on
  3. Oh.. and I bobber fish to!

    Tight lines~bobber down.

    Where in BC do you fish?
  4. Mastercaster, I have a 10' Koffler pram and a Hopper II I am about to list for sale. Either boat would be outstanding for stillwater applications.

    The Koffler Pram without trailer is $1395 and the Hopper II with a trailer is $1695. Send me an email if interested.
  5. I absolutely love my Clackacraft Coastal Drifter. :thumb: They don't make them anymore but if you can find a used one for sale, I'd grab it. I wouldn't sell mine for 5 times what I paid for it. But I might consider 6 times. :rofl: Needless to say, I really love it. It has a rope seat for the rower, which is more known as a river seat but it is comfortable enough for me. There is also a bench seat for an extra passenger.

    I owned a Spring Creek Hopper before that and a friend bought it from me. One difference was the Hopper was 8 feet and could be loaded in the back of a pickup whereas the Drifter is on a trailer.

    If I didn't have my Drifter, I'd seriously look at the Kofflers. Not a huge fan of metal boats for lakes but I believe it would serve me well. In fact, the 12 foot Koffler looks like it would make a great 2 or 3 person lake boat.
  6. Have you looked into inflatables? Pretty popular up near my place in the Cariboo. Very stable, much more stable than an equivalent 12 foot Aluminum boat. Takes about 20 min to set up or take down and can be carried in the trunk of your car.

    Here are a couple of friends boats on Salmon Lake last October.


  8. Yes. Both these pictures, and in fact the whole 4 days, was spent Chironomid fishing. What I like is they are quite under foot, extremely stable for standing, casting and moving around, will carry in excess of 800 pound.

    They row easy for trolling if that's what you like to do. I prefer to just get where I'm going and anchor. Mine has a 2 HP Honda and goes around 8mph. The White one has a 5hp and the blue one has a 9.9. The 9.9 (10hp being illegal on many BC Lakes) will move out at around 20 if you are so inclined.

    I live most of the year around Lake Quesnel and have been in some serious water a couple of times. The inflatable is superb in this stuff as it is like being in a cork.

    By being able to take them down into a small, easily packable bag you can take them into Lakes that would be very difficult with a 10 foot pram or such. One place I like to fish is a river that runs into Lake Quesnel. It is about a 20 mile run across the Lake from the nearest put in. Pretty difficult to tow a couple of prams across the lake in 3 foot waves but an inflatable can be put on the floor and put together when we get there. If the water is smooth you can open the big boat up and cut across at 30-35mph and fish a lot longer. Yes, it is well worth it. :thumb:
  9. Where can you get a Kofflet Pram for the Cheap?


  10. Adam I have no idea where you can get one of these "for the Cheap". Koffler Prams don't come up for sale that often. Based on the price of a new one I would consider my quote to be cheap.
  11. I found one on the internet new in Oregon for $3500. Nice but expensive. I have a wooden boat, love it but would want an aluminum to be able to store out side.

  12. Adam,

    I own the 10' Koffler pram and it's great for the kind of fishing that you want to do. I would recommend that if you do get one that you find a trailer; it would be a bit of a challenge to wrestle it into a truck bed. These boats can be a bit pricey but IMHO they are worth it.

  13. Why not consider a regular boat. I have a 16 ft Alumaweld Super Vee. It's powered by a 60 hp Yammy fourstroke with tiller control and prop. Extremely stable and two guys(fly) have plenty of room to spend 12 hour days on the water....... just a thought.
    Pond Monkey
  14. That size of boat would be overkill on the majority of the lakes I fish. The lake our cabin is on, as well as others, don't allow gas motors...for good reason....pretty much all 4 wheel drive lakes. My friends in their 8 and 10' boats/prams all doubled anchored, fishing chronies would give me a hard time. They have a tendancy of calling everything larger than 12' the Queen of of our larger ferries up here.

    I need something I can slide into the back of my pickup which has a short box. I'm thinking that even a 12'er might be too long which is the size I would need if I went with a jon boat. Ten foot jon boats are just too narrow and don't give you enough floor room between the middle and back seat. 20" seems to be standard which is not nearly enough. The search continues!
  15. I made my pram for $500 it is pretty cool. I do want to make another one also. Easy to make.

  16. Caveman, got pictures for show n tell?
  17. Love the Koffler... Here mine The custom boxes can be moved to help balance the weight out. Its a 10' and built like a tank, and a bit over 100 lbs. I can wheel it around no problem with a dolly, but its not as light as a Hopper II, which was my previous boat. Its got a transom notch as well for a kicker motor. I can drift down rivers, which I'd be leary of doing in a lower sided Hopper. I have Scotty Rod holders and double anchor set ups for chironomid fishing, which I love btw... Good luck with your search. You should also look at the Valco boats, they are lighter and around, might be able to get a deal.
  18. spring creek prams hopper II nice a little heavy but stable love mine

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