Boat theft prevention

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by bkfish, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. bkfish

    bkfish New Member

    hey all,
    been thinking about getting a new raft/frame and trailer. But I'm concerned about theft, as it would have to be kept outside at my cabin in the Cle Elum area, and we're not there all the time.

    There's a gate and split rail fence, but that could be dealt with if someone wanted in badly enough.

    What can be done to:
    1) stop the trailer from being stolen?
    2) stop the boat from being stolen from atop the trailer?


  2. Calvin1

    Calvin1 Member

    I bought a trailer lock at the local Schucks. It's a ball which fits into the trailer and then locks down on it. I have a drift boat, so I don't have to worry about anyone taking the boat off of the trailer.

    I would imagine any auto parts store will have several varieties of trailer locks.
  3. hikepat

    hikepat Patrick

    Cable lock the boat or raft to the trailer. Add either a ball lock or a tire lock to the trailer. Insure it just in case.
  4. mdjm66

    mdjm66 Member

    I would definitely get the following:

    1) Wheel Lock for the trailer
    2) ball lock for the tongue
    3) chain and lock for the raft, loop it through the tire or around the axle.
    4) Insurance!
  5. Dawgman

    Dawgman Member

    Be careful with those ball hitch locks. All you have to do is remove 2 bolts that connect the hitch to the tongue and replace with another one and see ya later. My buddy had 2 brand new personal watercraft on a trailer in a locked underground garage and within a few days, it was gone. It was pretty obvious what they did....just swapped out the hitch part. Probably took a few minutes tops. If you do a wheel, get a locking nut for that wheel as well. The bottom line is if someone really wants it, they are going to get it, especially if they know you aren't there all the time.
  6. Denny

    Denny Active Member

    I met someone who buried a 5 gallon bucket in the ground, filled it with concrete, placed a u-bolt in the top of the concrete. He backfilled the bucket after the concrete set, so just the u-bolt was exposed. He added either a cable or a chain, I don't recall which, to the U-bolt and connected the chain/cable to his trailer.
  7. shawn k

    shawn k Member

    buy a modular raft frame such as nrs and store it inside your cabin, and deflate your raft and roll it up. my raft is rolled up in a gear bag.
  8. KerryS

    KerryS Ignored Member

    Check out the link below. I have one on my boat trailer. It can likely be beat with a sawsall or similar tool but I think these are one of the best locks for the money.
  9. gt

    gt Active Member

    the more locks you have on, the more likely your trailer will be passed up. so start with the ball lock. add a krypotnite cable going through your slotted wheel, over the spring/frame and axle and back.

    taking the wheel off will get them no where. now if they are able to lift your trailer up and get off with it, well you probably didn't want to meet those folks anyway.

    a determined thief is going to get what they want no matter what you do, the idea is to make your stuff more difficult than the next guys.
  10. Jim Kerr

    Jim Kerr Active Member

    Lock it up, and just as important, cover it up with a nasty old tarp and throw some boxes and fire wood on top.
  11. Surround it with trip wire rigged up to 15 - 20 quarter sticks of dynamite set to go off every 1/2 second. Your boat will not get stolen. Put your garbage cans next to your boat. Those 350 pound cle-elum raccoons will leave your trash alone as well.:thumb: