Bob Marshall Fishing Trip

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    This is a pretty late in coming, but thought it might be enjoyed anyways.

    For our honeymoon in August, my wife and I spent a week in the Bob Marshall Wilderness on a horse packing trip. We went with the WTR Outfitters, owned by Jack and Karen Hooker. Jack is one of the oldest outfitters in the area, and has more permits to travel in the Bob Marshall Complex (Three wilderness areas: Bob Marshall, Scapegoat, and Great Bear). He was also the first person to run the Alaskan Ididrod from the lower 48 states, and was a Champion Bronc rider. He had so many interesting stories tell. Also along on the trip were two Wranglers, the Cook Assistant, two dogs, and 8 other clients.

    We fished three bodies of water, the Danaher Creek, The South Fork of the Flathead, and Youngs Creek. All of the creek and river beds were lined with red and tan colored rocks. The Native Westlop Cutthroat and the Whitefish have a reddish/gold/brown coloring that makes them blend in when they hold in riffly runs. The clarity of the water was amazing. You could see into the depest pools without any problem.

    The fishing was the best fishing I've ever experienced. I would guess that Bebeth and I probably caught 200 fish each over 4 full days of fishing. One of the nice things about the trip was that we were able to fish with in conversation distance of each other the whole time. We probably were always somewhere between 10 - 20 feet of each other. If you are a dry fly enthusiast, these are the rivers for you. Before the trip I bought a lot of different flies, in the end if I had just brought Parachute Adams and Black EH Caddis we would've been fine. Bebeth, who doesn't like to change flies so much, would fish maybe three flies all day. I on the other hand liked to see what else worked, changed fairly often. Every fly I tried worked. Though the favorites were: Parachute Adams, Joes Hopper, Black EH Caddis, and any size 16 or smaller emerger.

    When we fished Youngs creek we saw the fabled bull trout. These things were massive, I'd estimate that some of them were close to 30" long. Most of the time they'd sit lethargically on the bottom of a pool, almost like logs. As soon as you hooked into a trout or white fish, these fish would come alive and swoop up and chase the fish. They almost looked like sharks, it was quite an experience.

    The country was stunning. The landscape varied between forest and burn areas. Burn areas were large areas that had been burned from forest fires. Most of these areas were 10 feet high in fireweed. We saw bald eagles, Sandhill Cranes, Bears, Bull Elk, and heard coyotes. Hopefully we'll get a chance to get back into the Bob Marshall. I'd definetly recommend it.

    Here's a link to our photos:

    Mark and Bebeth
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    Sounds like an awesome trip. Where is the Bob Marshall Wilderness?
  3. msteudel Mark Steudel

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    Montana in between Glacier and Missoula.
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    Awesome man. I've backpacked about every sqaure mile of the Bob- I't's the most amazing place I ever been. Did you get to check out the white river, it flows into danaher creek. If you ever get a chance, check out the chineese wall. Any Grizz?
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    You have a lot of great photos. sounds and looks like a great trip. congrats. on the marriage
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    Very nice report and the pic's are great! Any marrage started with a honeymoon like that should do well and last a long time. Congratulations!

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    WOW:eek: I am at a loss for words after viewing your photos. Memories for a lifetime. Here is one, envy:beer1: :beer1:
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    No we didn't get a chnce to get that far. It was on the iternerary, but ince everyone wanted to fish more than they wanted to ride, we didn't get that far.
  9. Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

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    That was so nice to see. Congratulations!
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    Spent a week in mid-August floating the South Fork of the Flathead in
    "the Bob" a few years back. Couldn't agree more with all your praise of that area. You brought back some great memories.
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    Awesome report and pictures. The fact that you spent your honeymoon in the Bob Marshall says a lot about you and your wife.
    Best of luck to you both.
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    Thanks Bill! Yes she's quite a woman. She even builds me fly rods. :)