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  1. called a real estate agent let you know.
  2. I know where it is. I think you would have a hard time building anything on that lot, because it is in the flood plain and they are really tightassed about giving septic permits.
  3. Toss up a stabbin' cabin made of shipping containers and get a composting toilet.
  4. I would be happy to camp on the land for you. In return I will make sure your property occupied.
  5. Had to look that one up " stabbin' cabin ", we are on the same page here though. Given my age and my brides ( of a couple decades ) discerning eye, I would probably have to go with Fish Camp and composting toilet. I have no desire to live there full time, if it were the right stretch of water and the property bordered the river, I would be very interested, 5 acres and if on the river would be very tempting, don't think that is the case though,given the diagram in the add. If I were in the States, I'd swing over and take a look, you never know, just might be a sweet deal.
  6. I checked it out - talked to the owner / seller last night, have the property plot maps and drove by it today. Definite flood plain. Don't know if I'd want the hassle of watching river levels and cleaning stuff up / moving stuff. More substantial framed houses by the road are probably about 10' above the elevation of the naturally occurring topography - they probably had to dump tons of fill in to meet the elevation requirement. Five acres of waterfront with build able potential should be going for about $75K right now. There are lots on the market for $100K, but they have been for sale at $100K for years - literally years. So while $39K sounds killer, and it is for five acres waterfront, it does have limitations.

    It is definitely strong waterfront. The property is triangular in size with one side on the river with a large bar. It is basically the last drive before the pavement ends.

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