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  1. After a little over 10 hours of traveling we arrived on Providenciales. The Gansevoort was a little over the top for a bonefishing stay, but this trip was more to keep the bride of 42 years happy.(The Digs)(Inside the Digs)

    I then had three days of prep prior to the fishing.(Prep area) (Prep Work for Bonefishing)(Final Prep)

    The Guide, Darin Bain, picked us up at the Gansevoort and off to the skiff we went. It took about 15 minutes to rig the rods. Sage Xi3 8wt and a T&T 10wt. Reels were Nautilus 8 and 10. I had a Monic tropical clear fst bonefish 8wt on, but the guide said it would be to hard to see, so I put on a Teeny/Bruce Chard line. The 10 wt was a Teeny/Bruce Chard permit line.
    Then we were off and crusing from 40/45 mph for 55 minutes. Ended up about 38 miles away near the south end of East Caicos. We stopped on a flat that nearly 1200 yards long and 600 yards wide. It was really out in the middle of nowhere and we could barely see land. The guide waded barefoot, so I did. That ended up being really abrasive to my feet.
    We were about 150 yards from the boat when we found the bones. Only Two Hundred of them(at times we could see 600 plus fish). The wind was blowing pretty good and I will admitt I was having some problems at first. All was solved on the fourth cast. My first bonefish was at hand. We fished for two hours and twenty minutes, that is when the sharks came and ended the game. I caught 14 bones in that time and lost a few others. I really should have left the Monic line on, it loads the rod better and I know where I am casting.The largest bone was 5 to 6 lbs.
    We fished from the boat near some mangroves and caught several more fish each. I also had an almost 5 foot barracuda crush my cuda fly but lost him in short order. We caught smaller cuda, jacks and snappers. The last half of the day we fished outside in the deep water with gear so my friend could have a little more action. He caught a fine spanish mackerel that the chef prepred for us. I then had to drink and unwind for the next three days.

    I will go back. I was stationed on South Caicos 42 years ago in the USCG.

    My captions on the photos do not show up, but you can get the gest of what they are
  2. Beauty photos and fish! It really is unreal out on the flats eh!
  3. Excellent report and those are really nice bones. Well done.
  4. atta boy Keith
  5. Right on, not much I'd rather do then stalk bones. Looks like you had a blast.
  6. Looks like an awesome trip. As an ex-Coastie, I was a little befuddled by what CG unit that you could have been assigned 40+ years ago so I looked it up. That must have been some tough duty. :rolleyes: That had to be paradise. Were you fly fishing then by chance?
  7. We stood watch, drank alot(we had a USCG approved booze allotment), had bi-weekly log flights that provided us with what ever type of food we wanted, played cards , became pool sharks, fished with gear on the outside and snorkeled most of the time. Snorkeling was the crowd favorite. At about 22 feet of depth I shot a 330 lb jew fish. The "belongers" ate well for a long time. We had a crew of 12/14 souls. It was great for a 19/20 year old kid.
  8. ibn, not much stalking...mostly not spooking the masses....once I got the hang of fishing the edges , all was well!!!
  9. Way to go Keith
  10. Nice trip and report

    A 330 lb jew fish and you managed to bring it in with a spear gun? Must of been a heck of a fight
  11. Actually , it came up easy. It was looking at me when I shot it in the brain. It just quivered and it was over.
  12. Great report of a terrific trip, man!

  13. Wow! Keith this sounds like a paradise to me! well done and nice report!
  14. I know this thread is a little old but I'm heading to Turks and Caicos in May and was looking for any DIY advice. Also wanted to know what to expect to pay a guide for a day of bonefishing. I'll be staying on Grace Bay as well. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi Brett, I spent a weeks in T/C. We were able to find DIY bonefish, and we also hired a guide twice. For the DIY stuff, you'll need a rental car. The spot we hit the most was Flamingo Lake -,-72.224325&spn=0.006038,0.007038&t=h&z=17 - It's not very scenic, but we found a couple schools of bones and we were able to catch a couple every time we went. For a nice spot, but further away, go to Bonefish Point - - It's on the edge of the ocean so you see some bigger fish, but fewer of them.

    As for a guide, we hired Barr Gardiner - - He got us into some fish, but he was not cheap. I think it was around 800$ for a 1/2 day. This is more then 3x the cost of a guide in the bahamas for a full day. Everything in TCI seemed expensive. Of course, this was 4 or 5 years ago before the government was turned back over to the UK.

    Having chased bones all over the Caribbean, I'd put TCI at the bottom of my list. That's not to say it wont be awesome, I'd just go to the Bahamas, Cuba, or even Florida over going back to TCI.

    Let us know how your trip went once you get back home!
  16. Thanks for the info. TCI was not my first choice but my wife is pregnant and wanted to go here before the baby comes. I'm not going until may but I will definitely post details when I get back.

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