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  1. Nice little girl. First fish in a long time that has really kicked my ass.
  2. Nice -
    South fork ??
  3. Leroy, does that look like the SF? Come on, your eyes need more discretion.
  4. Nice hat. Oh, the fish is pretty cool too.
  5. Booooyaaaaaaaaa! It was the Lucky Jacket? nice brother
  6. sweeeeeeet
  7. So it was the south fork, ya feal dirty??????????
  8. Stuck with my TR on this trip. Didn't get a chance to get a line set-up for my Lecie.
  9. Great fish, easy to see why it gave you a battle.

  10. Nice fish. Seeing shit like that keeps me racking up the miles.
  11. Nice lil' lady ya got there! So they DO exist! At least in your neck of the woods.

    I'm with O'rad. Thanks for a little extra gas in my tank.
  12. Well done Pan, gem of a friend you found there.
  13. bead eater huh?
  14. Josh, you know better. Sparse hairwing on a floating line..... beads? Only perverts fish beads with 3 split shots and an indicator. Me? I have morals!
  15. Nice fish, didn't expect to see you on the south fork this weekend. Nice seeing you though hope you enjoyed the river. The mainstem was tough but the fish we did get kicked our ass. Beadeater.
  16. so 2 splitties instead of 3?
  17. Rare appearance, Andy. Good to see you too. Josh, actually 3 splitties and a bead equals 4.
  18. A Zen sighting; how about that? Maybe he's survived all the beer bashes and panty sniffing exploits of college. Good for him.

  19. From a post in January 2010: From the Rev. Pan
    Re: Clearwater Float Help
    I know I sound like an asshole to a lot of you. I'm not trying to rain on your parade, Nate---I really want you to enjoy yourself but this late season Clearwater stuff really bothers me.

    Those fish have been in the Clearwater since September, some as early as late June. That's 5/6 months. Sure there are some fish that are fresh in the system, being that those summer fish filter in all year. though in smaller numbers as the year progresses. However, this is a very small ratio of fish in comparison to the brunt of the run in October. The great majority are exhausted from their long journey of escaping dams and nets. Soon they will get ready to spawn and need to preserve their energy to do so. On the west side allot of summer runs enter late April/early may. It would be unheard of to fish for these same fish in September, and those haven’t traveled all over hell and back to get their natal stream. This is because west siders recognize these fish as "beat-up." For some reason this same attitude lacks over here. I assume this is because east-siders consider a steelhead a steelhead and don't care if it's dime bright or red and black???????????????? Anyway, have fun and may luck grant you a healthy fish as opposed to a weak, exhausted, frail bruin.

    Ya made a 17 yr old kid feel like a shithead for fishing then. A Father never forgets!
    Over now..........just remember the only one messing with you.

    That's a beast for the Eastside, well done! :thumb:
  20. oh damn....Pan, you might want to tell them what you told me

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