Border town stew

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  1. Leanred this one in San Antonio,. and no, it's not a "meltyourinnardsandyourasshole" spiced up beast. it actually has a good decent flavor.,

    Mostly based on the 15-16 oz can format, just make it all proportional.

    2 cans of tomatoes
    2 cans of ranch style beans
    2 cans of corn
    1 Large can of hominy
    1 small can of green chilies
    1 pkg McCormics Taco mix
    1 pkg hidden valley ranch dressing
    2 Lbs hamburger or stew meat. if using stew meat, take the time to cut into smaller chunks.

    Brown meat, add pkg mixes, add canned ingredients and simmer for about 1 1/2 hours

    i use an enameled cast iron dutch oven on a burner the last time i made this. just use a heavy stock pot for the same results.

    Top with shredded cheese if you;d like

    Serve over a bed of rice, Doritos, Fritos, any Crusty bread, or corn bread.

  2. That looks pretty good. May have to try this one out. Especially for my wife who can't eat hot stuff.
  3. Should be perfect for her. My only other suggestion; do not add salt. there's probably more than enough in there already from the canned goods. doubly so if using one of the chip suggestions as a bed for it.

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