Borst Mill Pond

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  1. Does anyone know anything about Borst Mill Pond? That's the lake/pond between Snoqualmie and North Bend on the north side of Mill Pond Rd. I've been by there a few times on my way to the N/F Snoq and couldn't help but wonder if there were any trout there or if it was okay to fish. I didn't notice any fish rising, but, as anyone who knows anything knows, that doesn't mean much. Anyone with the inside scoop?
  2. Ceviche, if your talking about the pond I think you are, I've fished it a few times. Most people just refer to it as the Mill Pond. It has a lot of Bass and some big ones, tons of Yellow Perch and some Pumpkin Seeds. One of my friends caught a 16 inch Bow on one trip while Perch fishing but that feat was never repeated. It's a great place for the kids, because of the guaranteed Perch, and would be a great spot to target Bass on the fly.
  3. Hmm... 16 trout, you say? Was your friend fly fishing or was he tossing worms or however people fish for perch? Flicking poppers under low branches for bass is big fun: "Cast, plop, 1 second pause, water explodes around popper fly." Repeat. Unfortunately, the last time I did it, it was so easy I got a little bored after a while. :confused:
  4. I've been told that the former mill and its surroundings are in danger of being designated as a Superfund site, so I'd avoid eating any fish you catch out of there :-D

    On a related subject, there's an article on the former Snoqualmie Falls Lumber Co. in today's Seattle Times:

  5. Well, since bass have practically been declared the same, I guess it wouldn't hurt to fish for them there. Another reason to C&R. :beathead:
  6. I’ve also wondered about that pond, as it looks like a very sizeable oxbow lake that could potentially be quite productive. A little online snooping uncovered a 1973 Dept of Ecology report that can be viewed at:

    The pond had a lot of nasty industrial and human contamination, for example a quote from the report: “The exceeding high numbers of coliform present a potential health hazard to the employees working in and around the log pond.” :eek: That was enough to keep me from risking much contact with the water, and generally turning me off the idea of getting in a float tube out there. It might be cleaner now, or completely safe, but I’ll stay away until I hear some better news regarding the water quality. For those willing to fish the water, there might be some good fish because the lake receives very little pressure. For example, I recall Onondaga Lake in Syracuse NY was one of the worst polluted large lakes in the country and yet provided some great poisoned gamefishing. Fishing was banned in the lake in 1972 due to mercury contamination. The ban was modified in 1986 to allow a “catch-and release fishery”, So maybe Borst Lake can become a “catch-and release fishery” too.
  7. Make sure that you really wash your line off too. It might glow in the dark afterwards... "d
  8. Borst Mill Pond = KAPU!

    After reading Middlefork's report/response, you'd think the powers-that-be ought to post HAZMAT signs around that mill pond. If the contamination was enough of a problem for the guys who used to work the mill, there's no way I'm going to trail any of that bad juju back home with me. I imagine fishing there to be like fishing asbestos tiles out of an old ship: "Hey, honey, look what I brought home!" :eek: Be it asbestos dust or wandering e-coli butt-slime, it's all bad juju to me. KAPU!
  9. Reviving an old thread: just drove by while scouting the sno, and saw a kayak fisherman in the mill pond fishing with gear.

    Does anyone have any updated info on the mill pond? It's got a lot of aquatic plant cover now, not sure if that was the case back a few years. As for coliform, I'm sure that it has all decomposed in 30 years since the report, but industrial waste is probably like diamonds, they are forever. Still, C&R may be possible.

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