Boston Marathon bombing

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Steve Knapp, Apr 15, 2013.

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    maybe, maybe not (home grown). it's some sort of terrorist attack, no doubt. But if I recall, the Muslim terrorists didn't immediately say "gotcha" after the World Trade Center attack, did they? Anybody else remember? My memory isn't perfect. Tell you one thing, though; I'm not about to turn in my M-4 and my 30rd mags!
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    It's only drivel to someone that views the world through a specialized set of colored lenses. I'm glad to see you give credit to G.W. Bush for establishing the policies that have indeed kept the number of these acts throttled. Thank goodness, contrary to what he said he'd do, Barry has more or less left those in place.

    That said, when the "wanna-be copy cats" see that the consequence of getting caught is to spend a lifetime in an American prison, likely with special considerations, getting 3 squares a day, full medical/dental, etc., I hardly think that is a deterrent.

    I hear there's a stronghold of those "black helicopter" types in and around Show Low... keep an eye out ;)
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    Ed has lectured me about trying to be less caustic and political... this is the response I get for beating around the bush... hang, electrify or euthanize the SOB's! I have good reason to believe most of us would not steal bread from a market in Saudi Arabia. :D
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    Steve, should your brothers team choose to return but need more helping hands, I would consider the task.

    Alex, I have a bit of related experience, past and present. Soft targets to hard. There is always some level of risk. Just days before this real event I was forced to deal with a hoax event that, despite going well, caused me great criticism. There will never be a day that my safety, the safety of my family and friends and the safety of those within my possible area of influence is not in the forefront of my mind. The world sees too often the carnage of the capabilities of the inexcusable few who wish to harm others. Even yesterday as another EM colleague and I discussed possible partnerships and resource sharing between our departments, we were monitoring this at one of our neighbors.

    I heard from one friend late that night. A training injury had him sidelined but not in the blast zone. I did not hear from my other friend until the next day. Farther back, his course got rerouted and then truncated. He spent the night with others that opened their doors to strangers.

    My mind has been on this subject matter exhaustively, and I find myself up at 3:00 typing therapeutically about it. I need a trip into the middle of the wilderness, but I can't take everyone there with me.
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    Having had an IED, as they are now called, experience in Vietnam, what I know is this: I am vigilant, I watch what is around me and who is around me. I do NOT let it stop me from my normal life, if I did, then "they" win. In fact, I'm planning on going to the Seafair parade this year to prove "they" won't control me life.

    Let's catch the bastards, try them, convict them and send them to Gitmo for life. Oh, wait, they're protected by the Constitution and we can't do that. Bummer.