Bottom Fishing w/Fly Gear

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by pfournier, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. I find the heavy tungsten lines do sink well. Tungsten is a lot denser than lead so it can handle some plastic coating slowing it down. has a lot on useful info.
    If you want to stay in a hot spot then anchoring is almost always the best bet. Slack tide does seem to be better, I think the bottomfish are willing to move further when they don't have to fight as much current. If you use a drift sock when the wind is up your boat speed should be very close to the current speed and the effect of the wind is much reduced. It's definitely easier to fish a slack current, but if you don't have the luxury of fishing the wind / tide and have to fish the conditions present at the time when you can fish, IMHO a drift sock keeps you in the game longer when the wind / tide are trying to push the boat around.
    I don't think dogfish teeth quite necessitate wire. 40lb fluoro will probably be good enough and a lot easier to work with. Scent might put you on probation from a FF board. [​IMG] Orange is definitely the go to fly color for sharks in FL but those sharks are usually fired up on some kind of chum slick too. I happened to catch this quote from Barry Thornton over at "I have been fortunate (?) to have hooked thousands of dogfish while drift fishing and have even targeted these fish with my flies with much success on a slooowww retrieve"
  2. triple post???!
  3. What the heck? I just posted (once, I thought) and got three posts appearing, so i deleted two of them, and then found my original was gone. Gremlins!

    Anyway, I posted that I went jetty fishing in my Yak in yesterdays rain, and caught 3 med/small rockfish, a nice greenling, and an undersized Ling in shallow water casting jigheads with twirltails to the rocks and retrieving slowly down the incline above the rocks. That 20" Ling fought pretty well for its size, and will be a keeper before the end of Oct.
    Those fish all grabbed my lure in 5' to 15' of water, so I would have been able to do it with only my 15' type 8 sinktip. I didn't bust out the fly rod because the 10-12 mph S wind was always in my face and blowing me away from the jetty, and it was drizzling or raining lightly the whole time.

    I picked up a keeper Ling (Only 25.5") in 50' right off the bottom, missed a huge yank-down, then lost my lucky Ling jig and went in because I was getting cold.

    Next time I'm busting out the 8 wt!
  4. I have a small drift sock that I can hook to my anchor trolley. I didn't want to mess with it yesterday, as I already had a bunch of new stuff to deal with and check out. The ideal conditions here for where I was fishing are: a slack or incoming tide, and light W or SW winds, so that the current and wind aren't fighting each other, with me in the middle. Sometimes the ideal happens, and I try to be ready for it.
    With smaller swell conditions this summer, and with light winds, I can paddle around the tip of the jetty and fish on the south side, or else go outside and fish over the sunken jetty. I'm not looking to push the envelope and go out when its gnarly.

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