"Bow hunters shoot elk in Wash. pasture"

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Citori, Dec 30, 2009.

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    I'd shoot the heck out of those elk to fill a tag, elk is delicious
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    Herd reduction and a bowhunt to accomplish this AND created a hunting opportunty for this area quite sensible.

    Who are you going to fire and for what? The WDFW for creating a good hunt? Nothing illegal occured so are you going to fire law enforcement?

    All that happened here or it sounds like was happening on a on going basis was a group of "hunters" making some quite poor ethical choices in a very visible public arena. It was repugnant, it should have never happened and we should take action to ensure it does not happen again.

    You on tract with the gillnetting. I equate it more like a group of snaggers flossing spawning salmon for public display, it making the news for non fisherman to get a dandy impression of "fishermen" and then the WDFW making a emegency closure for the entire river for all. Of course everybody and especially non sportsmen get much more upset about the elk because they much fuzzier and cuter than salmon.

    If there is any blame to be found it was with the indivuals that made these poor choices, the people that nutured them to come to this end, and or the landowner who could has the ultimate control of this not happening ornot occuring in the future.
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    I disagree the use of archery in a controlled kill is stupid. STUPID! Make that a rifle hunt or a slug hunt you hear no complaints from me. It was a horrific decision and if it is someones job to make that rule they shouldn't be making rules anymore.

    As a hunter I respect the rights of others hunters but that was not hunting.
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    I agree with the "delicious" part. I have always taken mine under "fair-chase" conditions. Obviously, I have wrongly assumed that you possess a modicum of ethical conviction. Note to file: Avoid future aka posts like the plague. Thanks for the hint.
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    Without a doubt not the best way to handle the situation, but instead of all the whining and name calling that most have done, why not come up with a solution? I am no expert, but when deer or elk are damaging property and a way of life, from what I understand, the dept. of fish and game will allocate tags to the landowners of nonantlered species. Those tags can then be given out to a hunter that has not filled his/hers tag and creates an opportunity for special needs, youth, and older hunters that couldn't hunt anywhere else. There is always a solution to the problem but name calling and whining about it on the internet has never gotten anything accomplished.