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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Brandon4455, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. NO KIDDING! I was going to ask you about the dictionary but you answered already.

    You are WAAAAY too organized :)
  2. Nobody's mentioned one advantage of having a swivel or small split-ring above your tippet and flies, but below your bobber. It will act as a stopper and help to prevent the loss of the peg if you end up breaking off your fly rigging. Works great as long as your leader is heavier than your tippet (and you tie good knots;)).
  3. Hmmmm..... perhaps I should be using a snap swivel with my sinking lines and WBs... it would add a bit more weight at the end of the tippet material and make changing of patterns much easier.

    Maybe I should write an article on the tactic... :D

    Seriously, now you guys have made me curious. I'll stop by BiMart and pick up some black swivels (and maybe some black snap swivels for my upcoming article :) ) to carry in my Stillwater fishing vest... just in case I want to try the technique. I think using removable split shot would be easier to move up and down the tippet material but I'll give the swivels a try just the same.
  4. thanks for chiming in to explain randy.Like i said i don't really know what im talking about anyways! i just know it works so ive never really questioned it.

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